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Mindfield officially kicks off here, with the psychic CIA team on the case, fighting terrorism everywhere
Aspen has another new series starting in August, from veteran Scott Lobdell, amongst others.
Michael Turner's Fathom returns, with all-new adventures for Aspen Matthews, starting with next week's issue 0
Writer J.T. Krul talks with Newsarama about Green Arrow, Blackest Night, Arsenal and Mindfield @ C2E2 2010 in Chicago.
Dellec's tale continues by going back to the beginning, and showing what put him on his mission in the first place!
Aspen has continuing series and new ones coming this summer with new Mindfield, Soulfire, & the start of THE SCOURGE
Aspen as a free preview book and lots of creator signings planned for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 1
The next stop on the Aspen Comics Tour 2010 is Pittsburgh, this weekend, April 23-25, 2010.
ASPEN brought the con-exclusive cover of Mindfield #0 to Chicago, but also brought a new series announcement!
Aspen continues their convention season for 2010 with a stop in Chicago for C2E2 and a new run of con prints
J.T. Krul and Marcus To continue Aspen's flagship title in this preview
Aspen Entertainment has Wondercon plans that include exclusive covers and art portfolio reviews
The increasingly hot and in-demand writer talks about his new creator-owned Aspen series, about thought police & the war on terror
Take a look at Executive Assistant Iris #4 and Soulfire v.2 #3, plus exclusive Wondercon Covers!
Courtesy of Aspen, here's an advance look at Dellec #3, as the story continues to take Aspen down an all-new path
Read the ENTIRE first issue of Soulfire Vol. 2 for free, right here on Newsarama!
Aspen has two new books coming in April 2010, and we have the first look for you right here!
Aspen sent us this image of their namesake character and only a couple of lines of text...