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Starting today, comiXology will be offering Aspen Comics, with 15 initial launch titles including FATHOM and SOULFIRE.
Aspen's flagship title returns for a new volume; what has changed in her new title though?
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Take a look at the start of Aspen's first ever summer event plus new issues of their current series!
Aspen has their first-ever summer event coming this year, and we have the exclusive look at month #2!
When he's not hoisting the bow-and-arrow of Green, he's wielding magic for Aspen Comics; the writer tells us about Soulfire's new volume.
Take a look at all the covers for the zero issue of Fathom vol 4, exclusively here!
The Best Shots team has one-day-early reviews of the latest CHEW, the high-profile debut of NONPLAYER, and plenty more
See what Aspen has in store for you this summer, including the return of Executive Assistant Iris!
See a preview of the next issue of Aspen's Telepathic CIA Agents before you pick it up in stores later today!
Take an early look at Soulfire Vol 3 #1, in stores from Aspen Comics April 13th, 2011!
Newsarama looks at Aspen's efforts to rise from the depth of Michael Turner's passing to reach new peaks.
Aspen's new volume of FATHOM officially launches in May, plus other continuing series from the publisher!
Preview Aspen's next issue of THE SCOURGE, shipping this Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011!
The Best Shots team takes early assessments of the new Aspen series, plus more including the latest from IDW's INFESTATION
Before even being released on February 9th, Aspen announced Charismagic #0, the launch of their new series, has sold out at Diamond!
We debuted a preview of Aspen's Charismagic yesterday, but today we look at one of their flagship titles, Soulfire!