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The first collaboration between McG and Aspen, HAUNTED CITY, will begin life as a comic, but that's just the start of plans.
In November, Aspen welcomes Greg Pak and Dead Man's Run to the fold, along with their continuing stories.
Take an exclusive early look at the next chapter in the Hit List Agenda from Aspen, in stores August 24, 2011!
Take an exclusive look at the next chapter in the Hit List Agenda before it hits stores tomorrow!
Take an exclusive look at the next chapter in the "Hit List Agenda," Aspen's crossover event!
See what's in store for Soulfire and more from Aspen in October 2011.
Take a look at the stunning art of Jason Fabok in this exclusive preview before you go pick it up later today!
Take an early look at the next chapter of the Hit List Agenda storyline, plus new covers of the Violet series!
Take a look at Executive Assistant: Orchid, continuing the "Hit List Agenda" crossover from Aspen comics Wednesday
See Aspen's journey into the world of showmanship and true magic, coming July 13, 2011!
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Exclusive cover reveal for BROKEN PIECES #1, featuring the art of series illustrator Micah Kaneshiro and Adam Kubert.
See what you missed in the first three volumes of Michael Turner's Fathom with this primer, just in time for more!
Starting today, comiXology will be offering Aspen Comics, with 15 initial launch titles including FATHOM and SOULFIRE.
Aspen's flagship title returns for a new volume; what has changed in her new title though?
Take a look at some exclusive art and the solicitation info for an all new Aspen series coming this fall!
Take a look at the start of Aspen's first ever summer event plus new issues of their current series!
Aspen has their first-ever summer event coming this year, and we have the exclusive look at month #2!