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Difficult doesn't have to mean frustrating; that's what we took away from three very fun, but very hard demos from Namco.
Nintendo gave us some off-the-floor hands-on time with their latest, but were they also their greatest?
We previewed four major franchises at E3 2011, with Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Hitman, & Deus Ex getting the spotlight.
We preview Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Prototype 2 in our latest from E3 2011.
Battlefield 3. Madden '12. The Sims 3: Pets. SSX (6). It was a lineup of sequels for EA this year at E3 2011, and we have your previews here.
At E3 2011, Atari brought three classic games updated for a new generation. See our hands-on impressions of all three inside!
At E3 2011, Sega brought Sonic and Aliens, but also introduced a bevy of brand new IPs for your video gaming needs!
After one of the best Electronic Entertainment Expos in years, we have a lot of awards to give out to the best of the best!
We did see more from Sony PlayStation at E3 than just Uncharted and the Vita, so see what else you don't want to miss!
In a closed-door presentation, Naughty Dog showed off new sequences from Uncharted 3, with more real-time action than ever.
We got to use the force and wield a lightsaber with Kinect at E3, but is this a force for good or the dark side of gaming?
In our first bit of news from SWTOR at E3, we had a behind-the-scenes look at the game in a private theater. All the new details are inside!
Bethesda brought fantasy action and apocalyptic gunplay to E3 2011, and we have all the details here.
A bold statement, but based on the gameplay we saw, it's safe to say everyone will be talking about the Cat this fall in Arkham City.
At E3 2011, we got to watch a developer walkthrough of the just announced Star Trek game! Find out what we saw inside.
In our second outing with Captain America, we find the game's mechanics are really as good as they seemed, even in boss battles!
Telltale games is making downloadable titles off two major franchises comic fans know and love, and we have new details here.
At E3 2011, we got to play the much-hyped Dead Island. What's this September shipping game like so far?