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Chris Samnee talks Thor the Mighty Avenger and Captain America #617 at C2E2 2011.
Danny McBride talks about his upcoming movie, Your Highness and the comic book prequel from Dark Horse at C2E2 2011.
Ben Templesmith talks Choker, Wormwood and Squidgirls at C2E2 2011.
Writer Gail Simone answers audience questions @ C2E2 2011.
Katie Cook talks about her work on I Am Avenger, webcomic Gronk and her hilarious swearing cat book - F**K You Box at C2E2 2011.
Scott Snyder talks American Vampire and Gates of Gotham at C2E2 2011.
Artist Chris Burnham talks about working with Grant Morrison on Batman Inc. at C2E2 2011.
Artist Gene Ha gives Newsarama a cryptic update on Flashpoint: Project Superman and lets something slip, or is he joking? You decide.
Phil Hester talks Fire Breather, Darkness and more at C2E2 2011.
Writer Nick Spencer talks about Iron Man 2.0, taking over for Brubaker on Secret Avengers and their Fear Itself Tie-Ins @ C2E2 2011
Gail Simone talks Birds of Prey and gives her thoughts on Wonder Woman's new TV getup at C2E2 2011.
Writer/Artist Tony Daniel talks about Dick Grayson filling Batman's shoes and the roles of I-Ching & Peacock at C2E2 2011.
Matt Fraction talks Fear Itself on the Newsarama stage at C2E2 2011.
Writer Paul Cornell talks to Newsarama about Lex Luthor, Robot Lois, Doomsday of Action Comics and Knight and Squire @ C2E2 2011.
Newsarama columnist Jill Pantozzi has come back from C2E2 with plenty of pictures of costumed characters.
Jill has returned from this past week's C2E2 convention in Chicago with photos and stories of big-name interviews
Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Jon Bernthal (Shane) talks about season 2, the development of their characters from comic to tv, and actor involvement i...
Artist Doug Mahnke @ C2E2 2011: Talks War of the Green Lanterns & the Green Lantern movie, as well as working with Geoff Johns & Patrick Gl...