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We caught up with Jason Latour at C2E2 2013 and talked about the end of Winter Solider and Latour's upcoming Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted.
The writer for Detective Comics talks about the 'Law and Order' of the Batman comics at C2E2 2013.
Kenneth Rocafort talks about drawing Superman at C2E2 2013.
In part 2 of our interview with Kieron Gillen at C2E2 2013, we dig deeper into Young Avengers and Uber.
At C2E2 2013 Kieron Gillen talks about Young Avengers in part one of our interview.
The X-Men of the future are coming to the present to stop the X-Men of the past. Got it? We talk to Bendis, Aaron and Lowe
Jason Aaron tells us about 'The Accursed,' a new story arc featuring Malekith, THOR: THE DARK WORLD's villain
Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan tell us about their next arc, which features some high-profile help from Captain America and Wolverine
Wolverine will soon be in the very unfamiliar position of being 'killable,' and writer Paul Cornell tells us why
We spoke with Reilly Brown about his comic POWER PLAYER at C2E2 2013.
Brian Posehn and Jordan D. White talk about their comic, Deadpool, and some upcoming superhero cameos.
What announcements were to be had at Marvel's final panel on Sunday in Chicago? Here's our recap of the event
After nearly a decade, Peter David is bringing his acclaimed X-FACTOR run to a close, and we've got the first details
New THUNDERBOLTS series writer Charles Soule discusses his upcoming run on the book, and the new 'framework' he's bringing
Why is the Spider-Man of the future colliding with the OckSpidey of the present? Find out what Slott and Stegman have planned
With THE WAKE and BROTHER LONO both on the way, DC's revered mature readers imprint took center stage in Chicago
With the INFINITY event looming for later this summer, folks like Rick Remender and Kieron Gillen talk Marvel