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Marvel also announced a new HOWLING COMMANDOS series, and several other series continuing out of SECRET WARS.
Longtime DC artist Gene Ha steps out on his own with a new creator-owned series called MAE.
The last panel of C2E2 2014 for Marvel is all about killing the Wolverine. For realsies.
The last DC Comics panel of the convention is centered on Superman.
Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhuman, and some announcements covered in this panel!
He is the night, and also the subject of this C2E2 panel.
Find out what's coming in Spider-Man and his extended family of comics here!
Take a peek into the next big Marvel Comics event at C2E2.
DC talks about their full lineup of DCU comics at C2E2.
Join DC Comics for their first panel of the Chicago convention weekend - it's a doozy with a long list of talent!
Find out what BOOM! Studios has been up to lately, from great kids comics to horror, action, and more!
We caught up with Jason Latour at C2E2 2013 and talked about the end of Winter Solider and Latour's upcoming Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted.
The writer for Detective Comics talks about the 'Law and Order' of the Batman comics at C2E2 2013.
Kenneth Rocafort talks about drawing Superman at C2E2 2013.
In part 2 of our interview with Kieron Gillen at C2E2 2013, we dig deeper into Young Avengers and Uber.
At C2E2 2013 Kieron Gillen talks about Young Avengers in part one of our interview.
The X-Men of the future are coming to the present to stop the X-Men of the past. Got it? We talk to Bendis, Aaron and Lowe
Jason Aaron tells us about 'The Accursed,' a new story arc featuring Malekith, THOR: THE DARK WORLD's villain