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We're LIVE! at Marvel's first panel on Day 2 at C2E2 - their WOMEN OF MARVEL program
Mike Mignola had a spotlight panel at C2E2, and we have all the details, including some new plans and confirmations of rumors
At the inaugural C2E2, Mark Waid talked about Irredeemable's 1st year, and what's to come in the future
Here is Saturday's schedule for Newsarama's LIVE! coverage of C2E2
Newsarama's Alex Zalben, Justin Tyler and Pete Lepage wrap up Friday at C2E2 in Chicago.
Shazam, The Shadow and Doc Savage Producer and Batman film originator Michael Uslan discusses the latest news on the upcoming films at C2E2 in Chic...
Writer/Creator Mike Mignola talks with Newsarama about Hellboy at C2E2 in Chicago.
We're LIVE! at DC Comics first panel of the inaugural C2E2 - their DC NATION program
Check out preview images Marvel Comics revealed C2E2 Friday afternoon, including Ultimate Comics Mystery
Writer Andy Diggle explores Daredevil's shifting identity post-Dark Reign in the new mini SHADOWLAND
We're LIVE! at one Marvel Comics first panel of the inaugural C2E2 - their Mondo Marvel program. Plus preview images
We're LIVE! at one of the inaugural panels of the inaugural C2E2 - DC's VERTIGO panel
Do you want new comic books on Tuesday? Apparently Diamond is seriously considering the move. That and more from C2E2
Brian Bendis & Alex Maleex re-team for a new Icon series about a woman who starts a new American Revolution
Ed Brubaker & Dale Eaglesham explores who the former Cap is without his costume in Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier
The inaugural C2E2 has announced the addition of "An Evening With Neil Gaiman" sponsored by the CBLDF
Pop Culture Event Continues to Reveal Presence of Major Creators; New Guests Include Chris Ware, Adam Hughes, David Finch and Others
C2E2 - short for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo - is a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, t...