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James Robinson talks with Newsarama about Blackest Night Starman evolving into a Shade mini-Series, Free Comic Book Day's War of Supermen 0 / 100 M...
Brian Azzarello talks with Newsarama about First Wave and an yet unnamed project with 100 Bullets illustrator Eduardo Risso.
Gail Simone talks with Newsarama about the end of her run on Wonder Woman and her return to Birds of Prey at C2E2 2010 in Chicago.
Jeph Loebs discussion about the Hulk continues at C2E2 2010.
Ron Marz talks to Newsarama about Top Cow's Magdalena and gives updates on Witchblade, Velocity, Angelus and Artifacts.
Geoff Johns talks with Newsarama about Brightest Day, Blackest Night and Green Lantern at C2E2 2010 in Chicago.
Jim Lee talks to Newsarama about All Star Batman and Robin, Dark Knight Boy Wonder and DCU online at C2E2 2010.
James Robinson talks with Newsarama about Justice League of America, the JLA/Justice Society of America crossover, Captain Atom/Generation Lost and...
Christos Gage chats with Newsarama about Avengers Academy and more at C2E2 2010.
Fred Van Lente talks with Justin and Alex about Iron Man and The Incredible Hercules at C2E2 2010
As C2E2 wound down, we talked with Peter David, Ben Templesmith, and Zander Cannon about current work
Newsarama talks to professional football player, Lance Briggs about his love for comics @ C2E2 2010.
Writer Michael Uslan talks about the Archie wedding series, the comic's worldwide impact and what's in store for the nearly 70 year old Archie Com...
Greg Pak talks Fall of the Hulks, Planet Hulk, The Incredible Herc and more at C2E2 2010.
Writer Gail Simone talks to Newsarama about what's coming up with Secret Six and Welcome to Tranquility at C2E2 2010 in Chicago.
Archaia's latest graphic novel announcement asks, what if you could vaccinate against evil itself?
Rick Karo and his company Comflix are working their way through the in's and out's of digital motion comics. Alex and Justin spoke with Rick at C2E...
Sunday was kids day at C2E2, and and the DC Kids books crew got together to talk with young fans