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Annuals galore, reviewed AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, ANIMAL MAN, BATMAN plus COW BOY, AMERICA'S GOT POWERS and lots more
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The big weekly column arrives with reviews of GREEN LANTERN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, ARTIFACTS, SCARLET SPIDER and TRIO
It's early reviews of DC's BATMAN #9, Niles and Wrightson's FRANKENSTEIN ALIVE, ALIVE! #1 and BOOM's HIGHER EARTH #1
An alternate ACTION COMICS timeline and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN headline this week's big column, along with SUPREME and more
Quick takes on this week's new comics are here, and we're looking at WORLDS' FINEST #1, DAREDEVIL #12 and lots more
All of DC's new #1s EARTH 2, WORLDS' FINEST, DIAL H and G.I. COMBAT are reviewed, plus Archaia's FCBD issue
The final Best Shots of the month takes on FLASH #8, CAPTAIN AMERICA #10, Popeye, the new Nick Fury and lots more
Spider-Man and Human Torch are mismatched FF roommates, plus FIRESTORM, BOBA FETT IS DEAD and plenty more rapid reviews
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Walt Simonson returns to Marvel in AVENGERS #25, Green Arrow makes a splash in JUSTICE LEAGUE #8, plus lots more