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The Best Shots team is back with turkey-stuffed reviews of last week's biggest and brightest releases!
David Pepose looks at the latest issue of IDW's G.I. Joe spinoff (written by Mike Costa), and likes what he sees
The crew returns with comic book reviews from last week covering Marvel, DC Comics, and more!
Marvel's THUNDERBOLTS #165 and The New 52's NIGHTWING #3 both impress, but some other new releases aren't quite so lucky
The Image one-shot '68: HARDSHIP, from Mark Kidwell, Jeff Zornow and Jay Fotos, gets a (positive) early review
The Best Shots team sifts through last week's releases for the good, bad, and surprising!
BATWOMAN #3 and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #4 headline this week's rapid reviews, but it doesn't stop there, with GREEN LANTERN and more
George Marston takes a look at the third chapter of the New 52 Batman & Robin saga, and really likes what he sees.
The Best Shots team is back with the big column, looking at last week's major releases with reviews from Marvel, DC, Top Cow, and more!
Is the third time a charm for Grant Morrison's ACTION COMICS? How does the SPIDER-ISLAND epilogue stack up? Reviews of those and more!
AVENGERS ACADEMY #21, BETRAYAL OF THE PLANET OF THE APES #1 and HEART #1 are all new in stores, and reviews are here
1821 Comics and Stan Lee's ROMEO AND JULIET: THE WAR is a sci-fi take on the Shakespeare classic, and we've got the first review
DC's AQUAMAN #2 and Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY #623 headline this week's crop of quick-take reviews, plus lots more
The finale to Marvel's big event of 2011 is here, and we've got a perspective on the noteworthy, oversized issue
DC's THE SHADE miniseries debuts, ULTIMATE COMICS X-MEN continues, plus more reviews to pick you up post-NYCC
New stuff from Marvel (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN! X-MEN: REGENESIS!) and Tom Morello's comic book debut lead the early reviews
It's reviews of this week's comics coming at you fast, headlined by SWAMP THING #2 and X-MEN #18, guest-starring the FF
X-MEN: SCHISM wraps up, CHEW keeps on rolling as with every Tuesday, it's tomorrow's comic book reviews today