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Advance reviews of three new series -- CURB STOMP, THE BLACK HOOD, and MISTER X: RAZED -- scheduled to debut February 25.
Newsarama's review team looks at top books from Marvel and DC, as well as an advance look at a new BOOM! series.
Quick reviews of the top books of February 19, including a perfect 10 and a 1 out of 10.
Reviews of Silk #1, Batman and Robin #39, best shots, best shots reviews, Newsarama Best Shots, Multiversity: Mastermen #1, Deadly Class #11, Batgi...
First impressions of new series such as INVISIBLE REPUBLIC, SOUTHERN CROSS, EI8GHT, SECRET IDENTITIES, PLUNDER and STRAY, as well as new issues of ...
All that, plus the latest GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, GREEN LANTERN CORPS and a new PRINCELESS series.
Five of the Big Two's top books hit shelves week -- but which one only earned a 5 out of 10 from our critics?
Early first impressions of five upcoming new series and the penultimate issue of SATELLITE SAM.
Two 10s, Two 9s, and a few comics not so lucky with our review team.
New Super-powers, new space event, new STAR WARS stories, and new Richard Corben.
The advance word on new series from Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Ed Brisson and more!
High marks for some of the Big Two books, along with a review of indie series FIND!
A good week for comics with a round-up of 7 books rated 7 or higher -- including one perfect 10!
Casanova Quinn returns, the ghost of Gotham Academy is hunted down, and more!