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As expected, DC completed the final piece of the puzzle, revealing the DCnU SUPERMAN family of titles beginning in September 2011.
Paul Cornell has brought Superman back to Action Comics just in time for the Reign of the Doomsdays. Find out more inside!
The weekly big column looks at AMAZING SPIDER-MAN's adventure with the FF, the much-discussed ACTION COMICS #900 and more
In a story from this week's ACTION COMICS #900, circumstances prompt Superman to renounce his American citizenship
Graeme McMillan looks at the comic book sales chart and asks why DC does so well at the top but not so much after.
Writer Paul Cornell talks to Newsarama about Lex Luthor, Robot Lois, Doomsday of Action Comics and Knight and Squire @ C2E2 2011.
Brainiac gets involved as Lex Luthor's journey nears its end in the penultimate chapter of "The Black Ring."
Preview of DC's ACTION COMICS #898 by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods, starring Superman's enemy Lex Luthor and Larfleeze.
The Best Shots team takes Wednesday afternoon looks at the big FF death issue, plus ACTION COMICS #897 and ECHOES #2
Lex Luthor's fantastic voyage across the dark side of the DC Universe continues with a Vandal Savage encounter.
The Best Shots bunch gives quick reviews on ACTION COMICS #894, FANTASTIC FOUR #584 and more of this week's comics
Writer Paul Levitz talks to Newsarama about the online fan vote for the Legion of Super-Heroes new leader (Oct 20 - Nov 10, 2010) as well as whats ...
Lex Luthor latest stop on his tour of the DC Universe takes him right to Gorilla Grodd's front door, here's a preview.
Jimmy Olsen and SMALLVILLE's Chloe Sullivan co-star in the ACTION COMICS co-feature from the writer of MORNING GLORIES
Death of The Endless is coming to Action Comics, and Paul Cornell tells us exactly how that happened, and why she's coming.
One of Neil Gaiman's most beloved SANDMAN characters is coming to the DC Universe in October, courtesy of Paul Cornell and Pete Woods
Action Comics gets a new creative team this summer, & will start off starring Lex Luthor and his VERY surprising girlfriend
Marc Guggenheim's run on ACTION COMICS is over before it started. Paul Cornell will take over in June instead