EXPLORE 2011 NEW YORK COMIC CON Coverage Index, pt. 2

Robert Kirkman hits NYCC to talk about creator-owned comics and let some friends make announcements!
The publisher of Dapper Men, Rust, Everlast, and many more graphic novels takes to NYCC to talk about what it takes to make OGNs.
Find out what's to come in the world of Batman and all his friends in this panel from NYCC 2011!
Join the developers of Star Wars The Old Republic to find out all the info on the upcoming MMORPG!
What news might the digital side of Marvel have at the publisher's first major panel of New York Comic Con 2011? Find out here!
Get a final behind-the-scenes look at Batman Arkham City before it hits stores on October 18th!
The famed author teams with his LOCKE & KEY-writer son for a comic book adaptation of their novella "Throttle," and its inspiration
Darth Vader is getting a new mini-series in the "Rise of the Empire" era of Star Wars, & writer Haden Blackman tells us all!
DC Comics says retailers have purchased 5 million copies of NEw 52 titles in six weeks, DC's best sales in 20 years.
This year's New York Comic Con is mere days away, and here are a few recommendations of what to see and do at the show
Brian Wood is back at Marvel, with more details on his Wolverine-related project promised for New York Comic Con
Reports say Marvel has sent retailers a postcard simply stating "It's Coming," with news to come next week at NYCC
At New York Comic-Con 2011, Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment and 1821 Comics will debut a new twist on Shakespeare's most well-known play.
See what's coming in the new Walking Dead and Fables video games in this panel from NYCC 2011!
Join geek queen Felicia Day for a panel talking about Dragon Age, The Guild, Eureka, and more!
The world of Dark Horse is ever expanding, and we have all the new details from their first panel of the convention!
Find out what's coming next in the world of DC Animation at this panel from NYCC!
Join the Aspen Comics team for what's to come from the publisher founded by Michael Turner.