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LEGO has released a look at the cover art for LEGO AVENGERS, along with sneak peeks of 6 characters.
STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT premiered a new game mode that features massive starship dogfights.
Think comic books have crazy crossover? Check out Batman, Gandalf, Marty McFly and more in LEGO DIMENSIONS.
New images from the upcoming LEGO MARVEL'S AVENGERS show off new additions like Stan Lee, America Chavez, and more.
Starting next week gamers can play as Batgirl in the prequel game "The Matter of Family," the first DLC to be released for Batman: Arkham Knight.
Warner Bros. has released a "launch" trailer for Tuesday's BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT.
At E3 2015, Telltale Games announced a Walking Dead mini-series game starring the katana-wielding Michonne.
The just-opened World Video Game Hall of Fame announces its first six inductees, spanning classic games to more modern entries.
Playmation is a new interactive game system aimed at combining traditional toy play with a digital experience.
DC announces an abrupt end to INFINITE CRISIS, just three months after the free game's debut.
Warner Bros. has released a new game trailer titled "Savage Road" for the upcoming MAD MAX video game.
Rocksteady Studios shows off a new live-action trailer for BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT game.
Christopher Lloyd has reprised his iconic role from Back To The Future to promote LEGO Dimensions in a new commercial.
In this new video, WizKid games presents an unboxing of their newest Marvel HeroClix expansion.
Disney adds STAR WARS, INSIDE OUT, Mickey Mouse, Ultron and Iron Man Hulkbuster to DISNEY INFINITY 3.0.
Marvel partners with NetMarble for free mobile app featuring 36 of Marvel's top characters.
Rocksteady Games have released a new trailer for BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT titled "All Who Follow You," showing off the dual play mechanics.
Comic-influenced game company Telltale working on new console game series for Marvel.
New Age of Ultron content is coming to several Marvel games this week.
EA Games & LucasFilm have released a trailer to the new STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT game tying into THE FORCE AWAKENS and RETURN OF THE JEDI.
EA Games and LucasFilm to host STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT panel at Star Wars Celebration, and debut the game's first trailer.
Details are emerging about the new Star Wars combat game Battlefront, unveiled at Star Wars Celebration.
The Arkham Knight, Rocksteady promises, is a 'brand new villain,' so nobody tell them about these other ten guys.
LEGO DIMENSIONS is a 'shared world' game similiar to DISNEY INFINITY and SKYLANDERS.