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Reports indicate that Ubisoft will be diverging from its annual release strategy.
A sequel to the hit mobile game by Disney Interactive and Marvel Entertainment.
Avengers.... assemble in the lunchroom.
From Asgard to Malibu, with a few stops in-between!
Cloudy with a chance of strife.
Telltale Games has released the first trailer from the spin-off game.
Telltale CEO describes it as "a first-hand opportunity to dive deeper into the complex life and mind of Bruce Wayne".
The first detailed trailer about the new add-on to DISNEY INFINITY 3.0.
Sony has announced that PS2 emulation is coming to the PS4.
As well as Devil Dinosaur & Moonboy, Skaar, Korvac, Wendigo, Crimson Dynamo, Mantis, Peggy Carter and a new Iron Man armor, Mark 38 -- a.k.a. Igor.
A new video shows the landscapes of several STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT battlefields.
A new mobile game that allows you to build your own school for superheroes.
A new STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT trailer shows the Battle of Jakku, setting up STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.
The multi-platform game adds new playable content from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.
Which would you rather have -- a "good blaster at your side" or a lightsaber and the Dark Side?
A new Playstation commercial brings STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT into your living room.
ROCKSTEADY has revealed its remaining 2015 DLC content for ARKHAM KNIGHT.
Disney Infinity adds two more gameplay modes, Toy Box Takeover and Toy Box Speedway.
A second Captain America figure and more in the new DI3 play set.
Learn the origin of Master Chief and the Covenant conflict in this new animated series.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe get's LEGO'd.