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September will see the release of 21 Marvel LEGO homage variant covers.
Sony closes up the E3 2013 press conferences with a show promising much more info on the PlayStation 4, the Vita, and even Activision's DESTINY.
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DC Comics co-publisher and artist Jim Lee has his eye on the digital future of the company, but he's not leaving print in the dust.
Marvel's Avengers Alliance facebook game is going mobile, meaning the geek internet will be slowing significantly.
A new game featuring everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, is on the way from High Moon Studios, and we have an early look.
Brian Michael Bendis talks to us about video games, comic book, TV, Movies, and the intersection of them all in this enormous interview.
MARVEL HEROES, the free-to-play MMORPG is live today, and we have a brand-spanking-new launch trailer for you.
Scorpion makes the jump from Mortal Kombat the the DC Universe in INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US – and who is that teased at the very end of the trailer?
Wolverine and several other X-Men are joining Deadpool for his new video game, as revealed in new images.
We played two hours of Sony's upcoming exclusive THE LAST OF US, and it has the potential to be the best game yet in this generation of consoles.
Take an exclusive look at the next chapter of the prequel to THE LAST OF US, Naughty Dog's upcoming PlayStation 3 adventure.
A truly revolutionary combo system, a butt-kicking female lead, and a cool story are featured in this preview of Capcom's REMEMBER ME.
Pre-E3, Activision and Bungie have debuted a trailer — directed by Favreau and featuring Giancarlo Esposito — for the upcoming game.
Take a look through this gallery of Xbox One reveal images for a closer look at the new console!
It's time for the next generation of Microsoft gaming to be revealed, in a live event streamed across the world.
Did Kevin Conroy, Batman's longest and most recognizable voice, reveal another new Batman: Arkham game? It sure seems that way.
Penny Arcade Adventures will have its fourth chapter, and we have the first details about the game. Oh, and a link to get part 3 for free!
Take control of Deathstroke in the the game's challenge mode. Set to be released worldwide on October 25, 2013.
Deathstroke is the latest challenge mode playable character in the BATMAN: ARKHAM series as the full trailer is revealed.
MARVEL HEROES is coming, and the game's writer Brian Michael Bendis has an all-new motion comic to serve as a prequel.
Batman: Arkham Origins is on the way this October, and we have the first teaser trailer here.