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Some new story details, some new characters, and themes Warner Bros Montreal is exploring are all right here.
Deadpool wants you to pre-order his game and do it now!
So, who's the villain big enough to fill the Joker's shoes in ARKHAM ORIGINS? He's got a very different smile...
Injustice: Gods Among Us hits stores today, and this is a must-own for DC Comics and Fighting Game fanboys. See why in our review.
You can play INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US right now, for free, on iOS devices - but what does it offer? We review.
Two Batman: Arkham games are coming this fall, and a surprise villain stars in the newest game of the series.
LucasArts is no more, with all projects canceled and all staff laid off, according to a report.
Take another look at a roundup of games we saw at PAX East, not the least of which was The Last Of Us.
FABLES is leaping from the page to screen - but as a video game from the award-winning makers of The Walking Dead.
PAX East 2013 has come and gone, but we have lots of news and updates on your favorite upcoming games here.
MARVEL HEROES is coming in June 2013, when players can check out the epic online Brian Bendis story.
An INFINITE CRISIS game, colliding thousands of worlds together for a MOBA is on the way from DCE & WBIE.
We went hands-on with Injustice: Gods Among Us and found the DC fighting game exciting, brutal, easy to pick up, and shockingly deep.
WBIE has released tons of new video footage from INJUSTICE, with lots of DC Comics easter eggs, too.
New screenshots from the upcoming STAR TREK game, set between the films, reveals the look of more characters & places.
Bungie is bringing a new first-person shooter to Sony, and here's the first look from the PlayStation 4 announcement
The PlayStation 4 is coming. Read all about it here, from power to controller to games and more.
Bungie's DESTINY is coming, finally, and we have the first look at concept art from the new game here.
Bungie's DESTINY is to keep creating hit games, and the initial reveal of their newest property looks to keep that going.
Cable joins the Deadpool game as he cuts and shoots his way through the Marvel Universe, including Genosha in New shots
The release date, first hints at story, and a new $150 Battle Edition were all released today for INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US.
TT Games and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment are assembling Earth's Mightiest Heroes for a LEGO Marvel game!
We review two of this season's biggest first person shooter sequels to see which you should spend that holiday cash on.
The holidays bring out a lot of big-ticket games, but we take a look at three indie games you can buy today at Steam here.