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Saints Row IV is an absolute blast. It's just too bad the Open-World genre now has some catching up to do.
Find out how to maneuver Cable's abilities in Marvel Heroes.
Find out how to maneuver Spidey's abilities in Marvel Heroes.
The Thing from the Fear Itself storyline is coming to Marvel Heroes.
Marvel Heroes is getting a major update with 1.2, including new game modes, new ways to earn characters, and more.
The US, UK, Australia, and more, will get their hands on the Xbox One on November 22, but much of the world will have to wait until 2014.
There's a new way to enter Fabletown - interactively! We have a hands on of the new adventure game that puts you in Bigby's shoes.
Take a look through this massive gallery of cosplay photos from PAX Prime 2013.
When you need to take your Gotham City justice on the go, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is there for you. Check out this new gameplay trailer to...
Want a fresh shot of Destiny in your eyeballs? We have a whole bunch of new screenshots right here.
Ignore the nay-sayers who say it's too hard, Ducktales: Remastered is just like we remember it.
The newest trailer for the Fall 2013 game shows off even more super heroes and villains, including the cosmic threat Galactus!
The latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins is here and it's quite revealing - what are you waiting for?
The latest assassin in Batman: Arkham Origins is Firefly, who gets his own trailer from gamescom 2013. Arkham Origins is out October 25, 2013.
Sony's press conference at Gamescom revealed the release date of the PlayStation 4, plus updates on several games.
EA's Gamescom briefing may not have had too much news, but this Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer was worth the wait alone.
While we don't know more than 'November 2013' as the release date, we do know what we can play on the XBOX ONE when it comes out.
Are you ready to be Batman, teamed up with Batman, Batman, and Batman in a MOBA fight for the multiverse? Check out our impressions of the INFINITE...
The new adventure game from Telltale based on Vertigo's <b>Fables</b> is coming this fall, and we have the first trailer for you right here!
The PS3 and Xbox 360 only Batman: Arkham Origins Collector's Edition has been revealed, and it's a doozy!
Jim McLauchlin recorded his first person experience at a Zombie 5K, a race where participants are chased by volunteers dressed as zombies on a path...
The rainbow lantern corps, Darkseid, and so much more is coming to DCU Online as it approaches PS4 release.
The NEXT generation of EverQuest is coming, with a completely reimagined look at the popular MMO franchise.
DCU Online is still clicking along, with a new expansion taking things into the dark and supernatural.