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The Danish plastic toy iteration of The Dark Knight will return in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.
Side-scrolling platformer for iOS devices lets you go back to comics "Days Of Future Past"!
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Grant Morrison isn't the only writer exploring DC's Multiverse. Dan Abnett talks about his exploration of the many different DC alternate universes...
It's the violet corps of love this time around, better known as the Star Sapphires.
A classic Bat-villain returns to Gotham with plans to unite his fellow rogues against Batman.
Breaking down the this week's HALO 5 announcement.
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You've seen the group, now here's the individuals for the Indigo Tribe.
The mysterious Indigo Tribe is our next featured corps for the DC HeroClix: War of Light organized play.
It's no secret that actor Scott Porter loves to nerd out over comic books, video games, and more - but you can watch him do it here and learn somet...
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We round up some movie, tv and game news all in one as Hollywood releases three bits of news at once.
It's time to feel a little rage with the RED LANTERN CORPS!
Marvel Comics characters are coming to Disney Infinity this year, alongside a host of improvements to the video game and toy collection platform.
Take a look at the character cards for seven members of the Blue Lantern Corps - ALL WILL BE WELL!
All will be well, the Blue Lantern Corps is here!
Get ready for a busy October 2014, as Dragon Age: Inquistion now has a release date.
Mr. Freeze has come back to Gotham City for new Batman: Akrham Origins DLC, and we have the launch trailer here.
Will the Frank Miller/Jim Lee Batman story ever be finished? What digital comics are tops? These topics and more were discussed at Wondercon.
Take a look at some of the individual wielders of the yellow light of fear that you can play during the War of Light event.