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Want to see some Guardians of the Galaxy in motion? Here it is, right now!
The first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is coming on Tuesday night, but we have some first-look images and information for you now!
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Join us for LIVE! coverage of Disney's 2014 Consumer Products Briefing.
New York Toy Fair has officially kicked off with a Hasbro preview event, and new Star Wars Rebels characters came along for the ride.
Ezra will be the eyes of the audience for much of Star Wars Rebels, the producers say in his introduction video.
Take a look at stills from the next episode of ARROW, coming back February 26, 2014.
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Star Wars: Rebels is gonna be kind of a big deal for Lucasfilm, and they now have the first official looks at a wave of toys.
The CW drama was renewed for a third season, to the surprise of few.
DC Collectibles has unveiled multiple new Batman action figure lines ahead of NY Toy Fair.
Marvel Studios focuses on their female super heroes in a new Total Film feature.
The Clone Wars is finally ending with a thirteen episode season on Netflix in March.
More hints at what Smythe's role in ASM2 are here, and we have the details.
SONS OF ANARCHY actor Donal Logue has been added to the rapidly expanding GOTHAM casts in the 'pivotal' role.
Fashion label Rodarte surprised the fashion world with a collection of STAR WARS-inspired evening gowns.
Yes, fanboy dreams do come true, TV's original Flash is joining TV's newest Flash.
If you wondered what Han Solo would be like if he were a Jedi, you may get your answer in Star Wars Rebels with Kanan.
The upcoming Fox drama follows-up on JIM GORDON with four new additions, including two key comic book characters.
The relationship of Mordecai & Margaret is chronicled in a new home release, and Regular Show's creator tells us about the status of the show.
The former star of NBC's ED joins the CW drama as a character integral to the origin of the The Flash.
Writer Michael Moreci tells us about his RoboCop tie-in comic at BOOM! Studios, and why the character is still cool.
Plus Heimdall guests on HULK and the AGENTS OF S.M.A.S.H. voiced by an NBA star.
With Stan Lee's appearance in last week's AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., here's a look at his Marvel movie cameos.