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The Mentalist actor Drew Powell has reportedly been cast as a villain in Fox's GOTHAM.
ARROW is about to get into some villainous territory with a special SUICIDE SQUAD episode, and we have a ton of images for you.
Thomas Kretschmann says in an interview his villainous role in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON is just the beginning.
Archie continues their expansion with a new dedicated position filled by a familiar name.
The only Transformers show on TV is Rescue Bots, with Season 2 premiering tomorrow.
Seth Robison takes a look at how the previous Iron Man movies fared to guess at Iron Man 3's visual effects chances.
Take a look at the Flash costume - well, at least a headshot!
Take a look at the first covers and creative details for two new DOCTOR WHO comic book ongoings!
Patrick Wilson will star in his second comic book adaptation. The once-WATCHMEN star will reportedly join Marvel's ANT-MAN cast.
A special one-hour Marvel Studios featurette will debut on ABC with new looks at upcoming films and more.
The Marvel Studios president spoke openly about the progress of Doctor Strange coming to film.
Adam Driver is close to signing on as "the" villain in J.J. Abrams' STAR WARS revival, reports Variety.
The film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's seminal comic book series is moving forward with JGL's production reportedly finding a writer.
Marvel Studios is looking to film all four of their Netflix series in New York City, a report says.
Webb will be back to direct at least one more, and Sony has plans to make Spider-Man a yearly franchise.
The Oscar-Nominated Writer Discusses His Film, Graphic Novels and More
Here's is the latest flash-cut Instagram 'trailer' for Bryan Singer's return to the franchise.
Lots of news from the comic book hollywood world today, including teases for Arrow's season 2 finale!
We have the exclusive first cast interview with the pilot of Star Wars Rebels, Vanessa Marshall, the voice of Hera.
Michelle Harrison has been cast on The CW's The Flash as a recurring role of Nora Allen, his deceased mother.
We're excited for more, but not ready for it to be over. Here's the trailer for the last 13 episodes of Clone Wars.
Another three-minute trailer for ASM2, this one focused mostly on Electro.
Ignoring the stigma of that title to comic book fans, NBC is bringing Heroes back for a 13 episode stint as 'Heroes Reborn.'
Welsh actor Matt Ryan is reportedly close to landing the role of DC's enigmatic occult detective.