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Four new SUICIDE SQUAD images grace EW's covers.
Steven, Greg and Pearl take a trip to Empire City to live the good life in the entirely musical episode “Mr. Greg.”
This year's Comic-Con hotel key cards will feature art from DC TV shows.
Fans visiting Comic-Con will enter their hotels with DC TV themed key cards.
Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's Batman series hits the big screen.
STAR TREK BEYOND will reveal that a crewmember of the Enterprise is openly gay.
NICE GUYS actress ANGOURIE RICE has joined the cast of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING.
CW will rebroadcast SUPERGIRL season one ahead of its second season.
A fan-drawn version of the KILLING JOKE trailer attempts to mimic Brian Bolland's art style.
The acclaimed manga/anime comes to North America and Adult Swim.
Disney sets ROGUE ONE's next trailer for an ABC debut.
'The Marvel-y-est non-Marvel movie of all time."
Netflix will now host CW's shows a mere 8 days after their seasons wrap.
SAMURAI JACK is back for season 5. Here's a look at the production process.
How many times did BATMAN break his one rule?
Julian Lewis Jones claims he's got a part in JUSTICE LEAGUE - but he won't say what the role is.
Who will the formerly "dashing" Cody Rhodes play on ARROW?
Neill appeared in five different SUPERMAN productions.
For those without Netflix, your wait is almost over.
Vulcan and human romance never works...
John Malkovich will play a washed up star planning to rob a comic-con in SUPERCON.
The fifth vampire film skips Halloween for.... New Year's?