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New Zealand-born Rose McIver has been cast as the brain-eating, crime-solving zombie.
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The TV crossover from the 60's continues in a new digital limited series co-written by Smith and drawn by Ty Templeton.
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars has come to an end, today. We take a moment to say thanks.
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Cap, Black Widow, and the man who will be Crossbones go on a mission in a full 2:45 minute scene from the sequel, plus a new trailer.
You can pre-order the full series of Green Lantern: TAS right now!
The award-winning original script for “City On the Edge of Forever” will be adapted as a comic book limited series.
Plus SIN CITY 2 releases a promo image in advance of its first trailer debuting Thursday night.
Tonight's episode has revelations and teases galore - here are five non-spoiler things to watch for.
Three new cast members have been added to the CONSTANTINE pilot joining lead Matt Ryan, Deadline reports.
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Transformers: Age of Extinction is roaring into theaters in June, and we have the first full trailer here.
The fall BATMAN prequel drama series has found its 'tween Bruce Wayne and future Catwoman.