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About a minute-and-a-half of action from the upcoming new DC animated series they're calling "Action."
Cartoon Network's upcoming DC super-team show touches down at Comic-Con.
The son of Leonard Nimoy takes a look at his father's life and career - with a little help from Spock himself.
Legendary wraps up a deal after the success of POKÉMON GO.
They've cast Superman, so all bets are off on who he could be.
Vin Diesel returns to one of his "other" franchises.
STAR TREK BEYOND producer J.J. Abrams says the franchise will not recast the late Yelchin.
International viewers will be able to stream the new STAR TREK series via Netflix.
STAN LEE'S COSMIC CRUSADERS make their animated debut
The revival of Craig McCracken's superhero trio goes on.
20th Century Fox shepherding David Petersen's comic book series to live-action.
NBC has released a poster for its DC Universe sitcom POWERLESS.
With a fourth on the way, Paramount sends out its final volley for the third.
Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, and more revisit and remake a Western classic.
GOTHAM has reportedly found its MAD HATTER.
Jason Statham returns to his latest franchise.
With Kirk meeting his dead father - played by THOR actor Chris Hemsworth.
Super7 has revived the original HE-MAN cartoon.
Check out Marvel's exclusive poster SDCC poster for LUKE CAGE.