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Jessica Jones joins the Marvel trio in 2015 in four series and a mini-series event.
Here's a few new images from next year's X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST included a costumed young Magneto.
Joe Kelly & Duncan Rouleau promise big moments in season finale and talk about what they’re thinking for season 3.
Obi-Wan never wanted to deceive Luke about his heritage, Yoda reveals in this new outtake from Return of the Jedi.
In this new Man of Steel infographic from Warner Bros, they show how much back story was developed for Superman's home planet.
The drama, apparently liberally-based on past incarnations of the JSA character is the latest DC character to be developed for TV.
Plus Marvel Studio Prez leaves door open to a Marvel movie crossover, and KHAN does a CHEWIE Impression for HAN SOLO.
The actor & director are reporting in negotiations with 20th Century Fox to bring WOLVERINE back for another solo adventure.
The ADVENTURE TIME Alum Talks Crystal Gems and More
The THOR sequel was only bested in 2013 foreign weekends by IRON MAN 3 & FAST AND FURIOUS 6.