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A Hollywood trade is reporting that the 1990s TV Series XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS is in line for a reboot.
Fox has posted a new Fantastic Four TV Spot, along with a highlight reel of its panes from SDCC.
THE HOBBIT actor reveals more about his role in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.
Lois Lane's sister is set to appear in CBS"s upcoming Supergirl TV show.
The SELMA director talks about meeting with Marvel and ultimately passing on directing the Black Panther solo film.
Marvel’s smallest hero has some big plot points, easter eggs and repercussions for the MCU.
Disney and Lucasfilm respond to Amy Schumer's Star Wars themed GQ photoshoot, and they are none too pleased with it.
The author of The Physics Of Superheroes talks about what makes Ant-Man tick.
Arrow season 4 has found its Anarky in Alexander Calvert.
Reports indicate that GOTHAM has cast GOLDBERGS actor Natalie Alyn Lynd as Silver St. Cloud.
Also William Stryker returns to the X-MEN movie franchise, and ANT-MAN gets Conan O'Brien again ... and again.
Echo Kellum has been cast as ARROW's Mr. Terrific.
A FANTASTIC FOUR promo reveals key details about the movie's plot.
Ant-Man director Peyton Reed almost made a Fantastic Four film over a decade ago. Here, he talks about what went wrong.
Trade reports indicate that Sony and Marvel have agreed on one-time director contenders to write the new Spider-Man movie franchise reboot.
Entertainment Weekly has released the first images of the new actors in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.
With two four X-MEN movies in the works and more in development, it's time 20th Century Fox came up with a big plan.
Michael Cera has been cast as Robin in an upcoming Batman film.
This week's EW cover story features an in depth look at the cast and story of X-Men: Apocalypse.
Also a fake newscast sets the stage for Scott Lang's criminal record.
After appearing on the same stage at Saturday's SDCC panel, 20th Century Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR and X-MEN movie franchises move closer to becoming on...
Ezra Miller spoke to MTV about his upcoming Flash film, including revealing which Flash he'll play, and what he thinks of the Flash TV show.
Despite NBC's cancellation of his show, Matt Ryan's Constantine is a wanted man over at the CW's ARROW.