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The second Shazam! short shows Billy Batson using the wisdom of Solomon to help with school work!
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The Paul Rudd-Michael Douglas 2015 starrer releases its first concept art and we get two concept posters from the AVENGERS sequel.
Meet the newest member of Team Arrow.
Fox's long-time superhero movie producer refutes claims of FF diverging from comics, and the future of the X-Men franchise.
IDW will adapt the hit Canadian import to comics in 2015, though cleverly announcing it won't be a clone" of the TV series.
ATTACK THE BLOCK star tweets about "booking flight to Wakanda."
Hot in Hollywood after the success of RED and his inspiration for IRON MAN movies, Ellis makes jump to television.
In a somewhat surprising news, is now scheduling 4 years between AMAZING sequels, but given a 2016 date to the Spider-Man spin-off.
Marvel Studios’ President says both Red Skull and a “real” Mandarin could return in future films.
The Guardians of the Galaxy are the next Marvel Heroes to get their own Play Set in Disney Infinity 2.0
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The comic book writer can now put comic book movie screenwriter on his resume, for a project playing at this week's SDCC Indy Film Festival.