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DARK KNIGHT RISES' Bane backs out of Rick Flagg role over scheduling.
The directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo also reiterate its about Iron Man and Cap fighting.
Five nominations for films based on comic books.
With this many enemies, Oliver Queen’s going to need more arrows!
Mark Hamill's already hired to play FLASH's Trickster, so who's this?
Many returning from Son of Batman, but some new names such as.... Weird Al?!
From the epic Hulkbuster scenes to Black Widow's origin... and was that Wakanda?
The second trailer, named "Powerful", was released on Jan. 12th, 2015. The movie premieres on May 1st, 2015.
Just aired during ESPN's coverage of the College Football National Championship game is the second trailer for May's AGE OF ULTRON.
Will CBS's Supergirl crossover with other DC television shows?
Henry Cavill has denied BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE will be split into a two-part epic.
Brandon Routh may get a chance to anchor a solo CW series at the ATOM, and the DC TV-U is growing even further with a VIXEN animated series.
Corey Stoll goes into detail about his character's ties to Pym and eventual dissension.
Two father-daughter relationships, second-generation heroes, second chances and more.
Documentary about the heart-warming story of granting the wish of a 5 year-old with leukemia to be Batman.
Nathan Fillon as Green Lantern tries and fails to get a woman's phone number in clip from movie debuting January 13.
Move over Spider-Man, there's not one but TWO new insect-based movie stars in ANT-MAN.
A Bendis two-fer, with a Bendis creation destined for the small screen and more Hollywood stories from his Spider-Man days.
Fresh out of Tuesday's teaser trailer, a behind-the-scenes write-up on the ANT-MAN film -- along with a first detailed look at the suit.
The young man who plays Oswald Cobblepot responds to the rumor that his character in GOTHAM could evolve to become the Joker.
Newsarama's Senior Editor and a Hollywood reporter & Newsarama contributor debate the merits (or lack thereof) of the ANT-MAN teaser trailer.
Reports surface expanding Waller's role in the DC films, as well as the A-List actor who's lobbying WB to hire her.
SPARTACUS' Liam McIntyre to play Weather Wizard when FLASH returns from its mid-season hiatus.