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Rosario Dawson is the latest official castmember of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix in 2015.
Deadline is reporting that Lucasfilm/Disney has hired the writer & director for the second and third installments of the Star Wars revival,and it i...
Marvel Studios is cranking up the hype-machine for the risky August 1 release.
With people like Selina Kyle, Oswald Cobblepot, and Fish Mooney running around, and no Batman for years yet, who will stop them?
The biggest, the baddest, the most cosmic!
The screenwriter of the first draft of PROMETHEUS is in talks with Marvel about the fast-tracking production.
The new Shredder finally makes his high-quality debut in a new image.
Django and Zorro are teaming-up for a new comic book from Dynamite and DC Comics.
Marvel has dismissed the idea previously, but the the actor, under contract to play the Hulk/Bruce Banner for a number of future films, says the st...
We already knew Spider-Verse would include every Spider-Man, but even other mediums?
A new international trailer offers a decidedly different tone than the first couple
Jason Mamoa has reportedly signed on, after months of rumors.
Plus 20th Century Fox catchers fans up on what happens between RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and this summer's DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES
Nikki Finke's return to online Hollywood reporting starts with a possible huge scoop about DC Comics movies.
Actor Tom Cavanaugh talks viewers through the characters that will make up the S.T.A.R. Labs on THE CW's THE FLASH.
Mattel and Warner Bros are continuing their toy license deal, extending into upcoming films and TV shows.
The Arkham Knight, Rocksteady promises, is a 'brand new villain,' so nobody tell them about these other ten guys.
The second trailer to the second FRANK MILLER adaptation has arrived.
An assortment of news, including Sonic the Hedgehog on the big screen and eleven TV series in development at Xbox Entertainment Studios.
Wilson Fisk has been added to the cast of the 2015 13-episode series, and will be played by a former MEN IN BLACK cast member.
The new director of Ant-Man has been found, as well as a Paul Rudd colleague doing script re-writes.
Marvel Studios hopes Rocket Racoon and Groot are the breakout stars of Guardians of the Galaxy. And here is a new movie poster featuring the pair.
Plus licensors are buying into the August sci-fi Marvel experiment, and reports of THANOS place in the film are surfacing.
Non-edited, non-doctored, no special effects, and wow, he still likes like a superhero in this video.