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The heroes of JUSTICE LEAGUE will reportedly be much closer to their comic book counterparts.
JUSTICE LEAGUE will explore BATMAN v SUPERMAN's NEW GODS connection - just not how we expected.
Warner Bros.'s self-titled "Worst heroes ever."
The cast - thought still unofficial - of the Spider-Man reboot continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
Three young actors have joined Marvel's SPIDER-MAN reboot as well as BETTER CALL SAUL's Michael Mando.
Actress Laura Haddock joins TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT.
The lord of the apes gets another trailer for his next film.
HBO's remake of the cult classic sci-fi WESTWORLD gets a trailer.
Actor Anton Yelchin has passed away in an auomobile accident.
Director James Gunn announced plans to bring GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Vol. 2 to Comic-Con International: San Diego along with "something special" fo...
Will Arnett will reportedly host Syfy Presents Live From Comic-Con.
Warner Bros. invites families to the premiere of its newest LEGO DC movie.
Get your ticket to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.
Mayor Oliver Queen has a new ally in Star City...
Marvel doubles down to cast an Incredible Hulk verteran in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, and draws on Prometheus for its next possible villain.
The Maid of Might has found her Man of Steel.
According to David Ayer, Jared Leto's JOKER tattoos tell a very specific story.
The evolving cast has reportedly added a new member. The question is, will he suit up for not?
The violent DC Comics vigilante will be joining Team Arrow in the fall.