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The director of Star Wars Episode VII wants the set leaks to stop - but has one of his own for fans, first.
Josh Trank is going from the Fantastic to the Galaxy Far Far Away, Lucasfilm announced today.
Take a look through Blur Studio's impressive history of computer generated films with this new highlight reel.
They're still looking for an ANT-MAN director, but Marvel Studios went straight to naming who will direct a DR. STRANGE big screen adventure.
The host of HBO's Last Week Tonight did a segment on net neutrality in which he calls on the internet commenters upset with Michael B. Jordan's cas...
Can the Rock's well-known box office power make this year's second HERCULES film a success? Here's the just-released second trailer.
X-Men: Days of Future Past has passed $500 million worldwide at the box office, blowing away the previous films in the franchise.
Two high-profile actresses have joined the cast of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.
Ant-Man will no longer be directed by Edgar Wright, and here is his somewhat surprising replacement.
Where does the newly cast villain of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and likely AVENGERS 3 stand in the pantheon of Avengers' villains?
The first image of Josh Brolin as the Mad Titan, who'll be haunting several upcoming Marvel movies.
There won't be a Marvel One-Shot with a home release for the first time in five films, Marvel confirmed.
Who are the big Marvel characters left not to be featured in a movie (or an upcoming one)? These 10, and more.
The image featuring Eva Green as Ava Lord has been nixed by the MPAA because of the revealing image.
The Hollywood Reporter says last minute rewrites by Marvel led Wright to leave the 2015 film, along with many key crew members.
The first actor to be cast in the Marvel/Netlfix series of 13 episode television series is...
Plus Mark Wahlberg Talks about how the AUTOBOTS recruit the DINOBOTS in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION
The X-MEN Sequel's worldwide gross beats AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2's total Domestic Sales in just four days.
Simon Kinberg talks about finale of original cast, the original plans for Quicksilver's epic kitchen scene, and more!
Original showrunner Drew Goddard has left for SINISTER SIX and will be replaced by a genre-TV and Joss Whedon-verse veteran.
In a surprise announcement, the director has left Marvel Studios summer 2015 film in what is being called an amicable split.
Plus X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Thursday night box office numbers are in.
One of the fastest-growing employment sectors is comic book movie supervillain. There are boundless opportunities for the right bad guys and we pic...