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How did a once-forgotten footnote in comics history become its new leading man for Marvel movies? We look at Star-Lord's rise to power.
The performance capture artist said he's helping Mark Ruffalo with his HULK role, but won't say definitively if he'll appeear on-screen himself.
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The X-Men writer/director/guru has signaled he's still in the big-screen X-Men's future, and as it happens, their past too.
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Yes, Transformers: Age of Extinction did well at the box office, overtaking Winter Soldier as the best opening weekend of the year.
Paul Azaceta said he and Robert Kirkman are seeking to make OUTCAST even creepier than the writer's other horror series.
20th Century Fox's film head talks about Singer’s future with X-Men franchises, and what will keep superhero films from growing stale.
Has Guillermo Del Toro traded in DC’s dark heroes for more giant robots?
How can the movie with the worst dialogue ever be the best Transformers movie yet? Find out inside.
It's time to cancel the apocalypse… again. PACIFIC RIM's sequel as a date, and two now spin-off projects including an animated series.
Daredevil is coming to the live-action screen again, and here's how we'd like things handled this time around.
The 2015 TV series casts Matt Murdock's best friend and legal partner.
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Real Estate site Movoto has crunched the numbers and found out exactly how much it would cost to build the Transformers' living base. Start saving ...
THE FLASH is getting a major push as it premieres in October 2014, with prime pilot positioning and enticing encores.
It's the second full Ninja Turtles trailer. They make fun of Michael Bay's original script, at least.
The now-confirmed Director and the President of Marvel Studios both talk about why Doctor Strange is important to the future of the MCU
The original 70s-80s space opera gets a trailer makeover with a Marvel Studios 2014 vibe, so yes fans, The Force meets the Spirit in the Sky.
Rosario Dawson is the latest official castmember of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix in 2015.
Deadline is reporting that Lucasfilm/Disney has hired the writer & director for the second and third installments of the Star Wars revival,and it i...
Marvel Studios is cranking up the hype-machine for the risky August 1 release.