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And here's the preview gallery for the second part of the crossover airing the first week of December on The CW!
The Warren Ellis WildStorm series is being set up AGAIN as a TV drama, the third such attempt. This one is definitely going to pilot, but can it ma...
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Take a look at images from "Flash Vs. Arrow," the first crossover episode of the two hit CW series.
Plus ARROW's Stephen Amell criticizes how the press shaped his critical remarks about Warner Bros. DC movie announcement, and CANARY & ARSENAL in t...
Joss Whedon took on THE AVENGERS only after Warner Bros. killed a DC Superhero movie he was making. What was it?
We are still convinced that the Inhumans will debut on ABC's series - here's our newest evidence.
Deadline says Marvel Studios is lining up four actresses to test for the lead role in the next Netflix series to follow Daredevil.
Seth Robison has watched the documentary about the uncovering of ET, and we have his review.
Ronan The Accuser breaks it down and uses the power of dance to and not the Infinity Power Stone to defeat the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Fans will have to wait until at least the fall of 2015 or later to see Harley Quinn in GOTHAM, but the pre-Dick Flying Graysons will be appear.
We roundup the Hollywood news with some possible new mutants, what's coming before the break for SHIELD and ARROW and much more.
This OTHER long-running sitcom star could've been Star-Lord is not for Chris Pratt, plus two deleted scenes from the film.
INGLORIOUS BASTARDS actor Daniel Bruhl has been officially cast in the 2016 Cap vs. Iron Man epic, but as who?
Why did the 'Visitors' come to Earth? Whitehall has an idea in one of two new clips.
Check out this fan trailer for the best Star Wars movie so far, cut as if it was produced today.
Cupid the character comes to harangue Arrow, and cupid the ethereal force looks like it's hitting Ray Palmer and Felicity in this preview.
This parody trailer pokes Warner Bros. for their love of prequels and origin stories, to an absurd length.
The Rogues involved in the big crossover episodes are Digger Harkness and Roy Bivolo.
The Hollywood trades believe the future Kyle Reese will be recruited for SUICIDE SQUAD and we may see Joe Chill shoot the Waynes ... again.
Variety is reporting is in talks with that female director they wanted for their 2017 WONDER WOMAN solo feature film.
The GUARDIANS director faced the press on the even of the hom video release of the year's #1 film.
We know the Inhumans are getting their own MCU movie in a few years, but could they be making their MCU debut MUCH sooner on S.H.I.E.L.D.? We look ...