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Six actors, including Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney and Cara Delevinge have been cast.
Does something in his new Marvel variant cover look like something you'd been seeing lately Tuesday nights between 9 and 10?
We talk with Brett Dalton about his character, Grant Ward, and what's to come for the complex traitor as Season 2 hits the halfway point.
Did the JURASSIC WORLD ring familiar to you? Seems there was a reason for that.
Square-Enix and Disney's mash-up action RPG could add some pretty significant characters to the next iteration.
Plus Gandalf things there may be more Middle Earth movies and Stephen Colbert schools the naysayers on lightsaber design.
Director James Gunn says another character from the comics is going to be on the team in GOTG 2. Here are our picks.
Plus Warner Bros. SUICIDE SQUAD starts shooting in April under the working title "Bravo 14."
Executive Producer Jeff Bell gives us some major teases on what's coming in the last two episodes of the first half of Season 2 and beyond.
Yes, the narrator of the new STARS WARS was in the second HOBBIT film, but it wasn't Smaug...
AMC had a shocking moment for The Walking Dead fans on the West Coast last night: spoiling the episode two hours before it even started.
In case you missed it, someone's having a little fun with the father of all things Star Wars.
"The Force Awakens" in the first trailer of the highly anticipated sequel (released on Nov. 28th, 2014).
Here's the the 88-second teaser in all its Apple hi-res glory.
From adorable robots to the Thing Ring, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four doesn’t look so bad, huh?
Take a look at two newly released clips from Big Hero 6, featuring two fan favorite moments.
We think we got a handle on who Peter Quill's real movie daddy is and you're going to be kicking yourself for not realizing it in about 5 minutes.
The magic and horror characters of the DC Universe may still get their big screen appearance, as del Toro has turned in a script.
Here's a new trailer for part one of next week's DC TV series crossover and a new preview of Marvel's latest TV series.
Plus a Marvel-Downton Abby crossover ... really. And another Flash villain debuts Tuesday.
Warner Bros is going to a different sort of superhero for their Summer 2015 tentpole, and have the debut trailer here.
The Jurassic World trailer is here, and gives us the first real plot details to the film.
Is Constantine going away? Not anytime soon, Daniel Cerone says, as long as things go exactly the way they're going now.
DC's Dark Knight and Star War's Dark Lord face-off in the latest episode of Super Power Beat Down and Batman takes the fight to Vader.