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We have the exclusive first cast interview with the pilot of Star Wars Rebels, Vanessa Marshall, the voice of Hera.
Michelle Harrison has been cast on The CW's The Flash as a recurring role of Nora Allen, his deceased mother.
We're excited for more, but not ready for it to be over. Here's the trailer for the last 13 episodes of Clone Wars.
Another three-minute trailer for ASM2, this one focused mostly on Electro.
Ignoring the stigma of that title to comic book fans, NBC is bringing Heroes back for a 13 episode stint as 'Heroes Reborn.'
Welsh actor Matt Ryan is reportedly close to landing the role of DC's enigmatic occult detective.
You've seen the trailer, and now you're scratching your head saying 'okay, that was cool - who the heck are these people?' We're here to help.
Pinkett Smith picked to portray Fish Mooney, a new character who acts as a nightclub owner and crime boss.
You don't have to wait until August for more Guardians of the Galaxy - there are several video games to give you your fix right now.
DOCTOR STRANGE may finally be on the development fast-track at Marvel Studios, as they're reportedly seeking a director.
From the makings of Team Arrow, to the Oliver/Sara romance, the upcoming 'Suicide Squad' episode and more.
How bout that cast? What else does Fantastic Four need to work? We have it here.
Gunn also talks about the Skrulls and who did the motion-capture for Rocket Raccoon.
Want a close-up still of Harry Osborn as a Goblin in ASM2? You're in luck...
The main cast of Star Wars Rebels gets rounded out with Hera, the pilot of the Ghost.
Fox has cast the Fantastic Four Reboot with young actors previously rumored for the roles.
Star Wars Rebels two leading ladies ARE getting action figures, and we have details exclusively!
Best look yet to new characters like Blink and Sunspot, as well as more detail into the costumes of all the heroes.
Gunn dishes on INDIANA JONES influences, the significance of the Walkman, and his proudest shot in the trailer,
The mysterious female Mandalorian is here, and she's a weapons expert with a flare for the artistic.
The Guardians of the Galaxy are here, and it's time for the world to take notice. Check out the first trailer now.
An all-new alien race, a prolific voice actor, and a Ralph McQuarrie design all equal Zeb on Star Wars Rebels
Want to see some Guardians of the Galaxy in motion? Here it is, right now!
The first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is coming on Tuesday night, but we have some first-look images and information for you now!