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According to a new report, Warner Bros has recently registered 35 domain names that appear to be potential titles for the 2015 Man of Steel sequel.
Is Sony looking to create its own Marvel Cinematic Universe out of the Spider-Man supporting players? And THOR crushes it globally.
The Heir to the Demon is coming, but it's not who you think...
Artoo is definitely in Episode VII, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is Fox's most expensive movie after AVATAR, and is DICK Coming to Starling City?
Yes, and we get it Marvel - Thor isn't really a god, just a alien. Alright already.
The AMC hit's original showrunner calls the people responsible for his exit from the show "sociopaths."
Oliver Queen's alterego will be wearing a mask starting in December, and we have the first look here.
Barry Allen comes alive on television in December's episodes of Arrow, and we have a gallery of images from the episode.
Barry Allen will still debut during episodes 8 & 9 of this season's ARROW, but The CW's THE FLASH pilot will now fly solo.
All this and THOR’s Jaimie Alexander talking about WONDER WOMAM with Jay Leno!
Maybe the most popular actor ever to play BATMAN faces off with a popular SUPERMAN actor as we gear towards the 2015 film.
Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams production company, tweeted the first production photo for Star Wars: Episode VII, and it has us beeping and whistling.
Paul Hemstreet of Warner Bros says they're already planning special features for Man of Steel 2, while detailing the special features for the new h...
Screen Junkies have created their latest "Honest Trailer" - this time skewering/sending up this summer's MAN OF STEEL.past
Writer Scott Lobdell talks about why Kon is dying, why Superman & Lois Lane's son is taking his place, and "Krypton Returns."
Check out the new enhanced version of Marvel's 'flipbook' credit logo, replete with its own new fanfare.
The 13-episode streaming shows have reportedly hired writer/producer/showrunners.
Matthew Vaughn's FF big screen reboot is moving smack dab into the very crowded summer 2015 release season.
The Real Ron Swanson is a Real Fanboy, and we talk comic books with him.
J. Michael Straczynski's history with The Twilight Zone continues as he launches a comic book based on the series. He tells us much more here.
Thor: The Dark World had a demi-godly opening weekend, with a substantial improvement over the first.
Take a look at exclusive previews of this week's G.I. Joe and Transformers lineup from IDW!
'There will be some physical conflict' Snyder said of the sequel commonly referred to as Batman vs Superman, while also elaborating on some choices...
The four series and mini-series of DEFENDERS were only just announced, but here are some things we hope to see in the series.