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Stan Lee did wind up filming a Guardians cameo, and Nebula gets a close-up.
With a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie in the very earliest stages in development, here's what we want if it does indeed happen
Whether you consider them playing catch-up or not, the Wall Street Journal says DC Comics films may start coming much faster, soon.
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Chuck Dixon's series from the late 1980's has found new life at IDW and Xbox Entertainment Studio as an event limited TV series.
HYBRID BASTARDS’ Tom Pinchuk brings the turbo-powered superhero duo to comics in an OGN series, and talks about a secret animation project with Man...
After the now tentatively-title SUPERMAN vs. BATMAN, Snyder will return to bring the entire JUSTICE LEAGUE together.
"Yet considering some of the very real flaws with this film, it’s impressive that Amazing Spider-Man 2 so often transcends its weak spots and winds...
X-MEN producer/writer Simon Kinburg says movies are “not enough” to “do all these characters,” and TV might be the front to expand.
Is the Star Wars Expanded Universe official movie and TV canon? Lucasfilm put to rest all questions about the role of the EU and the new movies and...
The caped crusader is back in the new animated film.
"Son of Batman," the landmark 20th film in the ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies, is now available via Digital HD. The Blu-ray...
The trailer for Warner Bros. next DC animated movie BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM is online, along with a new clip from their current film SON OF BATMAN.
VARIETY is reporting the 2016 SUPERMAN/BATMAN will include CYBORG among the gathering Justice Leaguers.
Take a look into comic book Hollywood with a news roundup covering Days of Future Past, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and more.
We look at the clues surrounding a cast member who's been around since the pilot and what their fate may be.
THERE AND BACK AGAIN as a title is out, and third film will now come out under a much more dramatic title. Read Jackson's announcement.
Take a look at a gallery for next week's episode of Arrow before tonight's even airs!
Yes, BEWARE THE BATMAN's final fifteen episodes will air on Cartoon Network, but you better prep your coffee pot.
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Will the Frank Miller/Jim Lee Batman story ever be finished? What digital comics are tops? These topics and more were discussed at Wondercon.
A mix of creators from multiple mediums talked about the glories of the caped crusader at Wondercon.
Saturday at Wondercon, Lucasfilm debuted a new :30 clip from Disney XD's upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels featuring Hera and Chopper.
The X-MEN may be making an appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (sort of), but don't expect SPIDEY to be hanging with the movie AVENGERS anytime soon...