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Hours after getting a series order from Fox, here's the first GOTHAM trailer.
The Batman prequel is getting at least one season starting this fall on Fox and now fans get to see its first trailer.
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An new version of the TMNT trailer adds additional footage of the Turtles in action.
It may have moved to a Sunday 3am slot, but the Daytime Emmy committee has nominated it anyway.
The villainous stars of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 talk about their complex characters.
The actor will reportedly play a similar role in the 2015 reboot to the one he played in 2008's INCREDIBLE HULK.
The four solo mini-series and DEFENDERS 'event' series were announced last year. Here are some things we hope to see when they reach the air.
Check out Mystique in action alongside Peter Dinklage in this new clip.
While most of the main cast was in that great picture and announcement, it sounds like there's at least one more - another female character.
DC Comics has another TV series in development, joining two creator-owned series by Marvel's hottest writers.
Producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach talk about what makes villains so exciting, why hope is necessary for Spider-Man and more ahead of the movie's ...
The new STAR WARS Episode VII finally has a cast, and we revisit our advice column here.
The long-awaited and much speculated-about news is finally official. Check out who will and won't be starring in 2015's STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.
In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. And you wear some interesting stuff along the way...
Stan Lee did wind up filming a Guardians cameo, and Nebula gets a close-up.
With a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie in the very earliest stages in development, here's what we want if it does indeed happen
Whether you consider them playing catch-up or not, the Wall Street Journal says DC Comics films may start coming much faster, soon.