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Move over Spider-Man, there's not one but TWO new insect-based movie stars in ANT-MAN.
A Bendis two-fer, with a Bendis creation destined for the small screen and more Hollywood stories from his Spider-Man days.
Fresh out of Tuesday's teaser trailer, a behind-the-scenes write-up on the ANT-MAN film -- along with a first detailed look at the suit.
The young man who plays Oswald Cobblepot responds to the rumor that his character in GOTHAM could evolve to become the Joker.
Newsarama's Senior Editor and a Hollywood reporter & Newsarama contributor debate the merits (or lack thereof) of the ANT-MAN teaser trailer.
Reports surface expanding Waller's role in the DC films, as well as the A-List actor who's lobbying WB to hire her.
SPARTACUS' Liam McIntyre to play Weather Wizard when FLASH returns from its mid-season hiatus.
Newsarama's Zack Smith sits down with the Cartoon Network star to talk Crystal Gems, his favorite comics, and more. Yes, this is real!
We now know when you can start binge-watching DAREDEVIL, but AGENT CARTER's overnight ratings are described as "middling."
Two 2015 Marvel movies just hired the men who'll set the musical tone for the upstart films.
The latest installment in Marvel cinematic universe stars Paul Rudd and Micheal Douglas. It hits theaters on July 17th, 2015.
How and why do comic book movie "rumors" (for lack of a better term) thrive? Here's one recent case study.
TRANSPORTER: LEGACY and BIG HERO 6 actors set to join Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming 20th Century Fox feature.
AVENGERS actor teases something new for the Avenging archer.
Finally, after a few days of shenanigans, here's the first full trailer, teaser trailer ... whatever you want to call it for Marvel's ANT=MAN.
Entertainment Weekly puts a magnifying glass on new Marvel movie star -- literally.
A decidedly minimalistic approach to ANT-MAN's feature debut, emphasizing the shrinking powers of the Marvel superhero.
Hayley Atwell thinks future AGENT CARTER series set in other decades would be interesting to explore, and she has a point.
Marvel's Black Widow will star in DreamWorks' live-action adaptation of one of the biggest manga/anime hits.
The SHERLOCK star talks about the anticipation and onus of being the cinematic Sorcerer Supreme.
Two of of the superhero genre's biggest movie directors talk about the past and the future of superhero films.
Marvel Studios got clever, and a little bit ballsy, with the trailer for next week's trailer for July's ANT-MAN.
The Fox hit show returns next week with the introduction of DR. LESLIE THOMPKINS and her first meeting with now-Officer Jim Gordon.