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Hasbro and Machinima have teamed for a new TRANSFORMERS animated series.
Sony movie chief Tim Rothman says Sony will continue working with Marvel to expand the SPIDER-MAN franchise.
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Is HELLFIRE getting a promotion on AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.? Or is someone new riding into town?
Elizabeth Banks claims Sony told her she was "too old" to play Mary Jane Watson.
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A host of comic book properties are reportedly headed to the big and small screens, led by Jim Carrey and Eli Roth's adaptation of ALEISTER ARCANE.
2017's POWER RANGERS reboot gets a poster and tagline.
And news of AT-ACTs, TIE Strikers, and a STAR WARS scientist wanted by the Rebellion and the Empire.
Two actresses reportedly join GOTHAM in major roles.
The BREAKING BAD alum returns to the franchise where he got his start.
LYNDA CARTER will play the President of the United States on SUPERGIRL.
Will the Daughters of the Dragon and Elektra be joining the Defenders?
Kristofer Hivju will reportedly play an ancient Atlantean king in JUSTICE LEAGUE.
Wondering who the hell Kaecilius is? We've got you covered.
A set of toys for DOCTOR STRANGE has revealed the names of several previously unidentified characters.
A purported toy from Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE may reveal the identities of several previously unnamed characters.
George Barris's Batmobile returns to TV, with none other than Adam West at the wheel.
BEN 10 turns ten, and gets a reboot.
The heroes of JUSTICE LEAGUE will reportedly be much closer to their comic book counterparts.
JUSTICE LEAGUE will explore BATMAN v SUPERMAN's NEW GODS connection - just not how we expected.