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Schumacher accepts a lifetime achievement award at the Hamptons Film Festival and all he's asked about is Batman. "I didn’t do a good job," he said.
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After a litany of bootleg knock-off toys, Marvel teams with manufacturing to make an official dancing figure.
Through his company Plan B and New Regency, the actor/producer eyes the Image horror book as a feature film.
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The all-ages animal TV network branches out into gruesome animal horror fiction. Plus iDW publishing will bring Douglas Adam's DIRK GENTLY to comics.
What's coming next in Marvel Animation? Find out at this panel from New York Comic Con!
A spin-off from the hit LEGO: THE MOVIE starring BATMAN will be headed to the big screen, according to a trade report.
A first look at the new movie was unveiled at the convention in New York City on October 9th, 2014. It is set to hit theaters in May 2015.