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Robert Downey, Jr. has announced a new charity initiative. Those who donate will have a chance to win a private screening of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL...
INFINITY WAR promises to add even more heroes to the AVENGERS ensemble.
Deadpool's "making of" montage gets some extras.
The MTV Movie Awards debuted a new action scene from the May MCU installment, and the Avengers look like they're a well-oiled machine.
The new trailer plays up the humor the film is reportedly looking to add more of in reshoots.
A new post-mortem on BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSATICE purports to know how Warner Bros. is trying to right the DC Comics Cinematic Universe ship.
Deadline is reporting a Netflix NARCOS star has been signed to play opposite Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart.
The wall-crawler won't be the only superhero in his 2017 reboot film.
Dark Knight returns... with a new movie co-written by the BATMAN: EARTH ONE writer?
No Bothans died in accumulating this information on the next STAR WARS movie.
The new CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR featurette is intended to spotlight the women of the films and does in new action clips, but the takeaway might ...
One Million Moms or not, the Vertigo-based show averages 10.5 million total viewers per episode.
X-Men and Horsemen alike get their own solo posters.
According to the directors, the warring heroes should all be considered "protagonists AND antagonists."
The story of how the Rebels uncovered the plans for the original Death Star in STAR WARS.
The first substantial look at the STAR WARS prequel coming out this December.
Garth Ennis reportedly gets a second series in line for TV development after PREACHER.
Benedict Cumberbatch to reveal the trailer next week on live television.
A report states that Warner Bros. may make changes to JUSTICE LEAGUE due to BATMAN v SUPERMAN's performance.
As BATMAN v SUPERMAN sits atop the box office, Warner Bros. makes changes to its future movie plans.