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Marvel'a Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has an historic fall finale tonight, so we're liveblogging the East Coast feed.
Frantically Googling those names revealed on Tuesday's mid-season finale. We've got your back.
Here's as complete a list as we could compile for all live-action TV shows on the air or in development based on comic book properties.
The Screen Junkies make an honest trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy, and it's predictably hilarious.
Bill and Ted's Triumphant Return's creative team tells us all about the new series.
There are more than a couple covers for Star Wars #1 - here are all the ones revealed.
Plus Al Pacino in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Apparently he's taken a meeting.
MAN OF STEEL's David S. Goyer is staying in the El family developing a series set in the past of Superman's home planet.
30,000 Fans of The Walking Dead want the writers of the show to reverse a mid-season finale death, despite acknowledging that it's impossible to do...
It seems like all the movies Momoa is signed on to play Aquaman in are already on the schedule, according to a report.
Plus George Lucas may be the last man on Earth NOT to have seen the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer ... yet.
Mark Hamill is all about role reprisal in 2015, returning as the original Trickster on The CW's hit The Flash.
SNL gets in on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer parody game, and Jeremy Irons talks about Alfred's role in the new film.
According to Deadline, the former producer who was to make his directorial debut on the third Star Trek has exited the director's chair.
Star Wars #1 may be selling one million copies in its big "Welcome Home" at Marvel Comics.
The CW is extending the final episode of 2014 of their new superhero hit The Flash, but for what?
The former 'B---- in Apartment 23' joins the MCU has star of Marvel's second DEFENDERS series with Netflix - Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones.
No, not starring Brigette Nielsen. Over an hour of footage from a proposed SHE-HULK fan film.
We express CONTROVERSIAL OPINIONS on the never-released FF movie, and Brian Austin Green raps
While his STAR WARS roles remains a mystery, the actor was able to talk about playing the X-MEN villain APOCALYPSE.
Jason Fuchs is nearing a deal to write the screenplay for Wonder Woman, reports say.
Who are the big Marvel characters left not to be featured in a movie (or an upcoming one)? These 10, and more.
This one comes from Marvel Studios themselves. The lead in November 2016's DOCTOR STRANGE solo feature is...
The MCU reportedly just added another actress to its ranks as the star of the second Marvel-Netflix series, plus there's a Luke Cage frontrunner. A...