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New stills from the November film based on the Marvel comic by BEN 10 co-creators Steven T. Seagle & Duncan Rouleau.
Teased last week, here's the full, second trailer for August's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.
Marvel's entry into sci-fi space opera gets its second trailer next week and here's a sneak peek.
With news of an AQUAMAN animated film rising to the surface, look at the benchmark for the best comic-to-cartoon features.
Chris Pratt sat down for a lengthy talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, comic book and film influences and more during a set visit last fall.
Principle filming has started on J.J. Abrams STAR WARS revival, and he tweeted out the first set photo.
The standout moments from the extended trailer for the FLASH television series, including tie-ins to the interconnected DC movie-verse.
The CW held their 'upfront' Thursday and just released a new 5 minute trailer/preview of the series that will air Tuesdays at 8pm beginning this fall.
Michael Bay's fourth TRANSFORMERS installment gets its second trailer.
Agent Carter is officially coming to TV mid-season, and here are some of our hopes for the show.
The Flash comes speeding into the world of Arrow's DC TV Universe, and we have your first look here.
The season finale of Arrow sees two major battles and a 'can't guess' ending, Stephen Amell and Marc Guggenheim say.
It's Batman Day, so we look back on the best instances of the Caped Crusader's costumed look over the years.
Plus THE FLASH will debut footage during this week's ARROW season finale.
Does that Batman costume look familiar to you, comic book fans? Here's why.
The BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN director delivered on his promise to reveal the new Batmobile Tuesday and over-delivered with the first look at the new BAT...
Lauren Shuler Donner got talkative in London, and seems to confirm Channing Tatum as Gambit.
Zack Snyder is ready to show off the all-new Batmobile - or almost ready, anyway.
The man destined to be the Riddler, Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen have all be upped from pilot guest stars to series regulars.
Take a look at the first trailer to NBC's Constantine.
Plus STAR TREK 3 may have found a director now that J.J. Abrams is busy with that OTHER sci-fi franchise.
Is a demonstration of Quicksilver's powers an attempt to draw attention from his clothes? And will a young Scott, Jean and Storm return to the film...
ABC is doubling up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe series in the fall. The period drama AGENT CARTER will join the second season of AGENTS OF S.H....