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Here's the the 88-second teaser in all its Apple hi-res glory.
From adorable robots to the Thing Ring, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four doesn’t look so bad, huh?
Take a look at two newly released clips from Big Hero 6, featuring two fan favorite moments.
We think we got a handle on who Peter Quill's real movie daddy is and you're going to be kicking yourself for not realizing it in about 5 minutes.
The magic and horror characters of the DC Universe may still get their big screen appearance, as del Toro has turned in a script.
Here's a new trailer for part one of next week's DC TV series crossover and a new preview of Marvel's latest TV series.
Plus a Marvel-Downton Abby crossover ... really. And another Flash villain debuts Tuesday.
Warner Bros is going to a different sort of superhero for their Summer 2015 tentpole, and have the debut trailer here.
The Jurassic World trailer is here, and gives us the first real plot details to the film.
Is Constantine going away? Not anytime soon, Daniel Cerone says, as long as things go exactly the way they're going now.
DC's Dark Knight and Star War's Dark Lord face-off in the latest episode of Super Power Beat Down and Batman takes the fight to Vader.
Warners has reportedly hired a GAME OF THRONES and THE WALKING DEAD vet to "develop and direct" the 2017 WONDER WOMAN feature, and yes, it's a she.
Frank Grillo will suit up as the villain Crossbones in the next Cap 'solo' movie.
The main villain role in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE has been cast, and its a actor who'll also be featured in next year's EPISODE VII.
Yes, everyone will get to see the 88-second teaser in all its Apple hi-res glory on Friday.
Find out all the secrets (with none of the spoilers) about the big crossover, and the mid-season finale villains you'll be excited to see.
We round up the news of the weekend with new trailers and some Constantine limitations.
Put on your grain of salt hat, turn on your speculation engines, and get ready for some fun.
Home video is a key to this financial showdown, and guess who has the advantage there?
Kevin Feige kind of said "no" once. But the evidence is piling up that that's exactly what they'll be.
Chadwick Boseman seems to think more of Marvel Studios then even fans do and either Brune Heller has a very dry sense of humor or he doesn't know a...
And here's the preview gallery for the second part of the crossover airing the first week of December on The CW!
The Warren Ellis WildStorm series is being set up AGAIN as a TV drama, the third such attempt. This one is definitely going to pilot, but can it ma...
Check out the first trailer for the new Game of Thrones adventure game from Telltale.