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An early 2015 episode will reportedly see how the Graysons' relationship began. Also, THE FLASH hires two more.
The writer/director reveals AGE OF ULTRON was in his head from the beginning, including Paul Bettany's casting.
But neither was #1. Check out the most current chart of this year's most viewed movie trailers.
That's a lot of walking for those slow-moving zombies.
Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett-Smith and more talk about the episodes thusfar and what's to come.
Deadline reports RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES in competition with four others for coveted spot.
Diecast figure gives unprecendented detail at Iron Man's new armor for this summer's movie.
Did the Sony Hack reveal the helmer behind a movie not even at Sony? Daily Beast says so.
The Star Wars icon revealed a couple of interesting bits of info about THE FORCE AWAKENS in a new interview.
Norman Reedus says upcoming episodes will see cast "running towards things" and "hitting things head on."
The actor Intagrammed an image of himself in what appears to be his Firestorm costume.
With the writer who wrote out Gwen Stacy returning to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Newsarama looks back ten people with tragic fates tied to the webcrawler.
And he does it in a throwback style that'll hit home to people who grew up during the era of the original movies.
"Revenge of the Rogues," and "Survive" are the titles for the trailers for the return of both DC/The CW programs the third week of January.
What just happened on Arrow last night? We take a look at all the spoiler-filled craziness.
The veteran TV actor twill debut in March on the ABC-Marvel series.
Seth found the new Game of Thrones adventure game to be a unique experience amongst Telltale's wares. Find out why inside.
Disney is looking to the whole of Star Wars properties for their new theme park sections, including movies that haven't yet come out.
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Hey, we figured out who SPOILER is! But wait, who is SPOILER then, really?
Yes, Marvel and Sony talked about sharing Spidey for films, but it looks like those talks are over.
Mark Millar and David Gibbon's comic book comes to theaters February 13, 2015 with lots of blood and swear words, as this new red band trailer sugg...
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