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The DEADPOOL co-creator declares he's TEAM CAP, and his reason is perfect.
And the SPIDER-MAN actor shared how he learned he was cast as Marvel's webcrawler.
Marvel and Sony's joint SPIDER-MAN reboot has received an official title.
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Marvel has released a psychedelic new poster for DOCTOR STRANGE.
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The Avengers and the Thunderbolts work together to diffuse a bomb.
ANT-MAN's role on TEAM CAP is revealed, along with details of a scene that de-ages RDJ.
A new poster for DOCTOR STRANGE shows Strange standing in front of the iconic Seal of the Vishanti.
AQUAMAN actor JASON MOMOA teased the JUSTICE LEAGUE's iconic headquarters on his Instagram.
Finn Jones describes Danny Rand as a role which bridges "spiritual discipline and badass superhero."
Will Smith gets into Batman mode at the MTV Movie Awards, while Kevin Hart and The Rock poke fun at some Marvel stars.
The details are not very specific, and it's a fairly safe spoiler, but don't read if you don't want to know anything.
Former 300 actor returns to the comic book fold.
Carol Corps to be unveiled this summer according to the Marvel Studios' head.
David Ayer says that reshoots on the film were not intended to add more humor.
Also, a new CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR IMAX poster and a live-streaming of the red carpet premiere.
With what is said to be a recurring role for future Marvel films as well.
Marvel's last announced Phase 3 film may be getting even later.