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The DCE CCO writes about what Rebirth is and is not, why he hopes you'll give it a try, and what he hopes you'll find if you do.
Whether it's CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 or AVENGERS 2.5, CIVIL WAR hits its target. And Black Panther is really, really cool.
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EMPRESS to be produced by Joe Roth and written by the writer of the XXX revamp.
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Is Marvel's first mutant swimming towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Comic-Con International has issued a statement following reports that 20th Century Fox pulling out of Hall H presentations at SDCC.
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Actor Tom Cavanagh talks about the possibility of Jesse Quick, the daughter of his THE FLASH character Dr. Harrison Wells, receiving powers.
Liefeld talks about pushing against Cable's original movie debut.
Could the original IRON MAN team reunite for one more ride?
And gives out failing grades to major studios.
"In 5 days"... Captan America: Civil War opens in North America (and China, and Russia...) and when it does you'll get to see scenes like these...
Seth Grahame-Smith reportedly exits the project.
Trevor Roth on the past, present and future of the STAR TREK franchise in film and television.
Marvel's flagship network show drills home the promise of a death in its upcoming season finale.
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Actor Ryan Reynolds has released a statement in tribute to a DEADPOOL fan who passed away this week.
STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII director Rian Johnson shows off some vintage looking costumes and sets from the film.
And Apocalypse's earth-shattering powers on full display.