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Premiering with the THOR: THE DARK WORLD Blu-ray, this short film shows the Mandarin in prison and subject of a documentary ... and loving it.
Founding member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Toad, is back on the big screen in the next X-Men movie.
The Batman-prequel TV series that may or may not have Bruce Wayne in its cast has found a director.
A hunger for new info, rewards of heavy traffic, and lack of journalistic accountability turns bloggers thoughts in the latest movie "rumors".
Dark Horse comic series to adapt unaired final episodes of CLONE WARS animated series.
Bryan Singer talks about whether he'll direct the planned 2016 sequel and talks about the film's themes.
We talk with the creator of HELIX about his new series and how isolation will be explored.
It was only a matter of time before the co-creator of most of Marvel's signature franchises showed on the ABC series.
Writer/director of 2015's Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd is at it again, but are we reading too much into this?
The musician and comics creator talks to Rick Marshall about the 'Crawl To Me' movie, 'The Shunned Ones' comics and more.
The New 52 is coming to animation, and the first official clip is here.
The first official clip from the first 'New 52' animated movie is here, with Jason O'Mara and Justin Kirk taking their turns on Batman and Green La...
The venerable Hollywood trade has corroborated reports Fox is panning 'shared universe' X-Men/FF films.
With STAR WARS in the news it's time to look at what could have been - a with 2 different Anime adaptations of STAR WARS.
What major events and changes are coming to the comic book industry in 2014? We do our best to predict them here.
Marvel Comics and Disney/Lucasfilm have announced that they will move the Star Wars comic book line to Marvel in 2015.
We continue our look into the fuuuuuutttttuuuuuure with ten notable movies for 2014.
More still shots from Marvel Studios' next film have hit, focusing on up-close shots of the stars.
Tim Siedell talks about comic book mini-series DARTH VADER & THE CRY OF SHADOWS.
We talked with the creative team of Adventure Time: Flip Side for a look into the newest BOOM/CN series.
New Year's Eve in Time's Square served as the debut of a clip from May's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 that takes place in ... Time's Square.
What will be BIG in comic book and genre entertainment on the small screen in the new year.
Sony is staging a high-profile promotion for Amazing Spider-Man 2 Exclusive in Time's Square on New Year's Eve.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson teaming with Warner Bros. on a presumed DC Comics film? Fanboys, start your guesses.