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Disney offers a first look -- or listen, rather -- at the diminuitive Jedi's surprise encounter with Kanan.
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The latest "in-universe" guidebook for Star Wars fans reveals the inner workings of the Empire's military — in this Q+A, editor Delia Greve answers...
As production on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 spools up, the director reveals original plans for Stan Lee's cameo and who nixed it.
An unverified report from the set points to a Daredevil costume based on one of Brian Michael Bendis' stories.
AMC has hired a SONS OF ANARCHY and DEADWOOD Star to lead the series with Cliff Curtis.
Justin Lin will direct Star Trek 3 and it'll open in July on a date previously reserved by Marvel Studios.
Who'da thunk a Guardians of the Galaxy film would ever be made. Here are 13 more very unlikely comic book adaptations.
Marvel and Netflix has cast Luke Cage for their 13 episode series leading into the Defenders.
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There's been a lot of talk of why Marvel and Sony won't or shouldn't come to a deal on SPIDER-MAN, as revealed by the Sony hack. Here's why they will.
We talk to the creator of the online animated hit, with EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes art.
It's a surprising genre-culture mash-up for the ages.
Frank Grillo diagrams how he'd take apart the Avengers strongman, and Peter Gunn jokes about the cancelled release of THE INTERVIEW.
An early 2015 episode will reportedly see how the Graysons' relationship began. Also, THE FLASH hires two more.