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Thanks to ARROW SEASON 2.5 and some choice comments by EP Marc Guggenheim, we know more about what to expect in Arrow season 3
Unofficial Disney news blog Stitch Kingdom has what they say is the first official synopsis for May 1, 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron.
John Wesley Shipp isn't the only star of of the 90's CBS THE FLASH to crossover to the CW's new series. And this time, the actor will be playing th...
If you have a favorite character or moment from The Hobbit, chances are they're on this poster.
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Auralnauts have removed the triumphant John Williams score from the scene to awkward and hilarious results.
Akiva Goldsman's is behind a TV drama based on DC's TITANS, according to a Thursday evening report.
The actor points to cut scenes and a potential Spider-Man “fatigue” with five films in the past 12 years.
We talk with Bruno Heller in a live conference call right here.
That's the premise of a new Nerdist short film that sees Thomas and Martha showing up at Wayne Manor to reveal they're really alive.
Peggy Carter is one of the many additional faces that will appear on the Season 2 premiere episode of the Marvel sophomore series.
We saw a glimpse months ago, but here's the first, clear look at Batman's new movie wheels.
One of the most exciting aspect of the sophomore ABC show is the potential to bring in various familiar Marvel faces — here are George's picks.
In a new interview, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and 2016's CAP 3 director Joe and Anthony Russo hand out more clues to the third installment.
The prospects of a SUPERGIRL TV show are cool, but we should probably keep a few things in mind.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier owes its polished details to Honest Trailers? That's what the filmmakers say!
Robert Downey, Jr. Says there are no plans in the works for IRON MAN 4, and the first good look at The Vision has come out.
Will he or won't he ... have hair. Jesse Eisenberg keeps 'em guessing.
ARROW stays busy adding to its Season 3 cast, and that WALKING DEAD companion AMC series is one step closer to happening.
A look back at the history of grey area of SHAZAM villain/antihero BLACK ADAM and what he and Dwayne Johnson can bring to the DC Cinematic Universe.
The ARROW Season 3 Big Bad has been cast. See who will try to fill Liam Neeson's shoes for the small screen.
Could Superman's cousin be joining DC's growing pantheon of small screen superheroes?