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A new documentary looks at the lost movie 'The Fantastic Four' and explores what happened from its inception to the modern day.
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We look back at our initial wish-list for the highly-anticipated sequel and analyze whether we appear to be getting our wishes granted.
A trade organization of movie exhibitors is asking studios to stop making trailers mini-versions of the movie.
25 brand new images from this summer's X-MEN sequel were promised Monday, and delivered.
Characters whose names suggest connections to supervillains - including one of the Flash's most famous - have reportedly been cast in THE FLASH pilot.
Marc Guggenheim teases the second half of ARROW's second season, talks DC guest stars, and more!
If accurate, Reed & Ben get their powers at 16, and Reed gets a 'power' that would be sure to be controversial. But Josh Trank says no.
Hey, it's 9 seconds of footage on Instragram, but it's 9 seconds more than we had earlier in the week.
X-MEN & Crime Author Victor Gischler teams with Will Conrad for a new chapter for Buffy’s oddball duo.
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The ABC series will complete its first superhero origin story with the introduction of the 40 year-old character.
Enough is enough, Hollywood! It's time to let the ladies have the spotlight, and we know just where to start...
Warner's old summer release date has become Marvel's as the - ahem - measuring contest continues.
Shazam is in Justice League: War as a founding member, and we have the exclusive clip revealing the hero.
In this Newsarama exclusive clip from Justice League: War, Billy Batson gets super with a magic word.
Variety is adding to reports that the Wonder Woman actress's deal includes three very specific films.
The first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game has hit, and it shows a surprising role for one of Spidey's villains.
It's Stormtroopers, dancing. Why would you NOT watch this?