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Michael Cera has been cast as Robin in an upcoming Batman film.
This week's EW cover story features an in depth look at the cast and story of X-Men: Apocalypse.
Also a fake newscast sets the stage for Scott Lang's criminal record.
After appearing on the same stage at Saturday's SDCC panel, 20th Century Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR and X-MEN movie franchises move closer to becoming on...
Ezra Miller spoke to MTV about his upcoming Flash film, including revealing which Flash he'll play, and what he thinks of the Flash TV show.
Despite NBC's cancellation of his show, Matt Ryan's Constantine is a wanted man over at the CW's ARROW.
DC's 2016 films have a lot to talk about -- and a lot of Batman between them.
Warner Bros. adds MAN OF STEEL items and more to it's studio tour at its Hollywood lot with "Stage 48."
Saturday's BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE trailer revealed Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis during the Zod/Superman fight, and now we see just how...
Marvel editor Nick Lowe has revealed a new ongoing series coming as part of "Al-New All-Different Marvel."
Michael Ironside has been cast to play Captain Cold's father in THE FLASH.
A fan-made trailer for DC"s Justice League film might get your blood pumping for the real thing.
Also check out a new poster for Fear The Walking Dead, and Amy Schumer's Star Wars themed GQ cover.
Tilda Swinton has confirmed her role as Dr. Strange's mentor the Ancient One in Marvel's 2016 film.
The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice actor had some choice words about Comic-Con International: San Diego.
Michael Keaton's Batsuit and Batmobile are coming to Arkham Knight, and director Josh Trank reveals that El-P of Run The Jewels created music for F...
The Amazing Spider-Man director weighs in with his thoughts on Marvel and Sony's new Spider-Man film.
20th Century Fox has released online the new FANTASTIC FOUR trailer which debuted at SDCC 2015.
The first trailer for David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD.
CBS has released cast photos for this fall's SUPERGIRL television series.
A photographer shows off Ben Affleck's Batman in desert gear first glimpsed in the recent trailer.
Why haven't the studios released online the trailers seen at Comic-Con? Here's why.
NBC revealed the first full trailer to the upcoming HEROES REBORN television series.
Marvel Studios has gone public with a new co-star in next week's ANT-MAN.