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GRODD's reported to return in THE FLASH's second season.
Also a new FLASH poster shows off FIRESTORM 2.0, and Echo Kellum Confirms T-spheres on ARROW.
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A set photo from FLASH reveals that CW's DC TV universe is bigger than fans knew.
The sequel to 2014's hit KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE has landed a 2017 release date.
Daniel Bruhl has revealed some major details about his role as BARON ZEMO in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.
The original Batmobile from the 1966 BATMAN TV show is up for sale - for a cool $5 million.
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SANDMAN Screenwriter David Goyer has shared new details about the production.
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The iconic water tower has received a superhero facelift.
Vulture Remix has released a throwback version of the BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE trailer.
A fan-made STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS supercut combines all the released footage into one long trailer.
Check out seven big moments from the latest trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS
It's no secret Vin Diesel has his eyes on the role of BLACK BOLT, but what will Marvel have to do to put him there?
Last nights episode of GOTHAM sowed the seeds for the appearance of a major character from the Batman mythos.
Amanda Conner guest-starred (sort of) on Monday's episode of BIG BANG THEORY.
Lucasfilm debuts a new trailer for the December movie during ESPN's MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.
GOTHAM's latest villain is a female version of super-arsonist FIREFLY.