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The X-MEN Sequel's worldwide gross beats AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2's total Domestic Sales in just four days.
Simon Kinberg talks about finale of original cast, the original plans for Quicksilver's epic kitchen scene, and more!
Original showrunner Drew Goddard has left for SINISTER SIX and will be replaced by a genre-TV and Joss Whedon-verse veteran.
In a surprise announcement, the director has left Marvel Studios summer 2015 film in what is being called an amicable split.
Plus X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Thursday night box office numbers are in.
One of the fastest-growing employment sectors is comic book movie supervillain. There are boundless opportunities for the right bad guys and we pic...
Minute plus clip shows the comedic building of the android superhero Baymax.
The trailer of the trailer trend is continuing, this time Disney is teasing the first trailer to the animated adaptation of Marvel's Big Hero 6.
IDW & Entertainment One to produce pilot with DEXTER and SMALLVILLE writer Tim Schlattmann.
The 2016 MAN OF STEEL prequel-JUSTICE LEAGUE prequel has been given an official title.
The director, on the set of the upcoming sequel in Abu Dhabi, makes the announcement as part of UNICEF initiative called "Force For Change". Find ...
Speaking live from their outdoor set in Abu Dhabi, the director talks about new charity for a walk-on role in Episode VII.
The big-screen Wolverine talks about fighting Hulk and Iron Man, and the first trailer from the film adaption of Millar & Gibbons creator-owned ser...
The X-Men’s most famous writer talks about how he would have done it differently, which movies he’d do next, and how he sees X-MEN VS. FANTASTIC FO...
New stills from the November film based on the Marvel comic by BEN 10 co-creators Steven T. Seagle & Duncan Rouleau.
Teased last week, here's the full, second trailer for August's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.
Marvel's entry into sci-fi space opera gets its second trailer next week and here's a sneak peek.
With news of an AQUAMAN animated film rising to the surface, look at the benchmark for the best comic-to-cartoon features.
Chris Pratt sat down for a lengthy talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, comic book and film influences and more during a set visit last fall.
Principle filming has started on J.J. Abrams STAR WARS revival, and he tweeted out the first set photo.
The standout moments from the extended trailer for the FLASH television series, including tie-ins to the interconnected DC movie-verse.
The CW held their 'upfront' Thursday and just released a new 5 minute trailer/preview of the series that will air Tuesdays at 8pm beginning this fall.