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What's better than one Iron Man? Two Iron Men, so it seems for Marvel.
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Dean Haspiel talks about his new OGN, establishing a new NYC studio/publishing company, and the passing of Seth Kushner.
Black Knight has his first ongoing series, so could be next to fully realize the promise of an "All-New All-Different" Marvel line-up?
Marvel is doing a six-part 'Build Your Own Iron Man' promo item tied into the debut of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN.
The Joes go "Oh no!" when the Decepticons and Cobra team up in next week's issue.
Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid's "Fox Hunt" reaches its finale in August 5's THE FOX #5.
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Dane Whitman returns with the Ebony Blade into Weirdworld and a showdown with the Uncanny Avengers.
Does Marvel treat comic books that it doesn't own the movie rights to differently? Yes, says one major creator.
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KaBoom! is bringing back OVER THE GARDEN WALL as a four-issue limited series.
Here's as complete a list as we could compile for all live-action TV shows on the air or in development based on comic book properties.
The upstart company announces two new titles by Amancay Nahuelpan, Tony Patrick, and Ayhan Hayrula.
Petersen talks about the origins and inspirations for his mice epic and the upcoming ART OF MOUSE GUARD 2005 - 2015 book.
Another Blackest Night on the horizon? Black Hand returns.
The INVINCIBLE IRON MAN writer comments about a possible second Iron Man series.
Tony Stark does what a Tony Stark does when faced with universe-wide extinction in a preview of ULTIMATE END #4.
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Batman joins with the Suicide Squad against Stagg Industries and Project: Meta.
Shawn Crystal talks about the upcoming villainous ILLUMINATI gang and his predilection towards criminal-focused comic books.