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So a female character is picking up Mjolnir? Guess what, a few other people have, too.
We mark the end of the writer's long run on the DC title with a look at his most memorable scenes.
This feature-length documentary, on sale now, uncovers the untold story of women in comics from the golden age to the modern day.
The new Uniity Team of Marvel Counter-Earth (?) form in this month's UNCANNY AVENGERS #1. Here's your first look.
Two classic characters reunite for the first time in over a decade in a 4-issue series from Dark Horse.
Is Hal & Ollie's first full-fledged New 52 team-up in GREEN ARROW #38 a sign of things to come?
The next look at AVENGERS 2 will come during the college football playoff finals.
Crime, horror and pulp collide as the original Nocturnals meet a new breed.
Miquel and Lady Spider team-up in the year 2099 to try to stop the Inheritors.
Plus a bonus preview of DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE WEAPON X PROGRAM #5.
Expect big things from both events like SECRET WARS and from some surprising solo series such as THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL.
The Battle for New Japan continues in the 41st century tale by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain.
Cullen Bunn & Ron Ackins take over in March for a 5-issue run with the idiosyncratic crescent crusader.
Plus, that glowing orb he's holding looks a little familiar. Let us refresh your short-term memory.
An exclusive first look at three of February's PHIL NOTO variant covers from Marvel Comics, plus all the covers Marvel has released so far.
If you thought CONVERGENCE, SECRET WARS, STAR TREK VS. PLANET OF THE APES and ARCHIE VS. PREDATOR sound crazy, wait until you see what came before!
The new year is upon us. Here are your Cliff Notes for what as a fan you should know about DC as the calendar turns over.
After AXIS, Loki is left unable to tell a lie just as his older nefarious self comes back home to roost.
Creator Vito Delsante talks about this Kickstarter-funded STRAY and how his real-life experiences shaped this story about superheroes everyone will...
Johns and long-time partner Gary Frank return to their graphic novel series, and bring with them the Riddler, Harvey Dent and Killer Croc.
Valiant reveals line of variants by designer Tom Muller and Valiant's top artists to debut beginning in January 2015.
From 2987 BC to today, from Captain America: The First Avenger to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Guardians of the Galaxy, one comics blogger figured out...
What new 2014 title was the talk of our review team, and what titles are the best shots team looking out for in 2015?