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From 10 to 1, we countdown the greatest (or is that baddest?) bad-guys ever of the Marvel Universe.
Newsarama's senior editor is back with a follow-up to his FANTANTIC FOUR reboot OP-ED, expanding on some unfinished business.
Doesn't the Marvel Universe need a six-armed Spider-Man? Why does that have to be only an alternate universe gimmick? Anyways, here's a first look ...
Gambit may be closer to a reality than we thought, with a screenwriter hired - but who wrote the treatment?
Check out the latest Age of Ultron trailer parody, something that seems to be a genre unto itself nowadays.
Chris Yost's next AMAZING X-MEN arc sees a tug-of-war over the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak between the original Juggernaut, Colossus, and others who wa...
Whatever is happening to the New 52 DC Universe will apparently include a second run for Batman weekly series BATMAN ETERNAL, at least according to...
Take a look at BOOM! Studios new hit with an exclusive preview of Fiction Squad #2.
Writer and one of the architects of the original Age of Apocalypse, Scott Lobdell, tells us about the story and why it couldn't be pulled off today.
The landmark digital comics webportal goes with IDW for print editions, starting with EMPIRE and INSUFFERABLE.
The Science Bros are back together in Age of Ultron, and both actors talk more about what to expect here.
In this exclusive preview, BATMAN attempts to stop a contagion at the Gotham Airport. Yikes, sound familiar?
One of Marvel's most successful events of all time was one of its most recent, and it too will join the... whatever is happening next summer, which...
Three series based on George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead will launch the ex Marvel Presidents new graphic fiction imprint with video game ...
In advance of the full Marvel November 5, 2014 previews debuting at 12am ET, here's an early look at Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan #1.
Every preview for Marvel titles on sale November 5, 2014 including AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9, AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #4, DEATH OF WOLVERINE: WEAPON X P...
Peter Parker, the AMAZING Spider-Man is coming back. Here's a look at the most important changes Spidey has gone through over the years.
The writer considers the Legion of Super-Heroes he introduced in this week's JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED ANNUAL #1 an iteration of the "classic" team.
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Get the latest news, photos and analysis from the floor of San Diego's Comic-Con International, plus exclusive interviews and videos.
An intrepid fan has animated the Batman V Superman teaser from SDCC 2014.
Here's a Newsarama-exclusive 1st look at 32 variants covers to December's Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1.
SUPERGIRL is already casting its two leads - who is the second mystery girl?
It's Unity versus United in the newest issue, and we have your exclusive preview.