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Heroes of space meets the mutant race in this crossover between the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, and mroe.
Matt Hawkins leads a new creator-owned series into the world of a town full of criminals who discover one of their few laws being broken: murder.
A married Superman with red trunks is back (along with a pregnant Lois), for 2 months anyway, but is there any chance they make a come back in the ...
Doctor Who wins fan-voting contest for LEGO set.
Bendis clarifies his plans for the previously announced UNCANNY X-MEN #600 with his departure from it and ALL-NEW X-MEN.
Superman's new power & costume aren't the ONLY significant developments in this week's issue. Check out two more surprising events.
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"What do you get when you cross Star Trek’s Holodeck with the wacky irreverence of the Bravest Warriors?"
The man of the green goes digital in this DC digital-first series.
Superman's got a super new power and now it's got a super name. Check out what DC hopes will become part of comic book lexicon the way "heat vision...
Marvel releases information on 8 of BATTLEWORLD's domains, including a ONE MORE DAY realm and a CAROL CORPS home base.
As GEOFF JOHNS gives the MAN OF STEEL a new power in this month's SUPERMAN #38, we look back at the craziest powers the Kryptonian's ever had.
Wally is "the best, most fully realized character to have worn that red costume and called himself the Fastest Man Alive," is the full quote.
High marks for some of the Big Two books, along with a review of indie series FIND!
An ensemble cast of martial arts experts from Shang-Chi to Elektra, Typhoid Mary, Iron Fist, and even Kitty Pryde!
Superman's new power looks like his most explosive one yet.
Geoff Johns talks with USA Today about the reveal of a new Superman costume, power and struggle in SUPERMAN #38.
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McCloud talks about the purposeful lack of a digital edition, his views on the comics medium, and the potential ahead.
Marvel's avenging angel gets new warrior duds courtesy of Phil Jimenez.