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A six-paged lettered preview from next week's start of Grant Morrison's wild DCU ride, The Multiversity #1.
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Inversion isn't the first time a Marvel or DC character has gone bad - far from it. Here are ten more!
Guardians of the Galaxy has plenty to hide - but the sequel has even more, and James Gunn is already teasing it.
The behemoth robot Gin-gr is going on a rampage, and Robert Venditti and Matt Kindt talk about what Armor Hunters is doing to the Valiant Universe ...
An exclusive first look at Joe Mad's variant cover to this month's INHUMANS #4.
Take an early look at the second Original Sin tie-in of Uncanny X-Men, as Xavier's big secret is revealed.
The new November-launching series stars Jim Corrigan and explores the overnight shift of the Gotham City Police Department.
Writer Charles Soule talks about what Alex Hollan-Swamp Thing will be up against in the fall.
The trilogy reaches its final chapter in this week's Transformers: Primacy #1.
Young Justice: Season One is now available on blu-ray, as in right now, today.
We explain why Iron Man's head has been replaced by Ultron's head on the cover of this week's HULK #5.
Director James Gunn says another character from the comics is going to be on the team in GOTG 2. Here are our picks.
The Best Shots crew takes a last look at the varied releases from last week.
Writer Caleb Monroe talks what happens when a street magician gets in over his head in the new limited series.
Rick Remender is completely changing the face of the Marvel Universe in Act 2 of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, and we're getting the scoop live.
Are there any clues to masked Superman's identity in this chat with Lois? Check out the preview of this week's issue of FUTURES END.
A preview of this week's first post-ZERO YEAR issue of BATMAN, catching it up to the events of BATMAN: ETERNAL and setting it up for Scott Snyder's...
Kitty Pryde guest stars in Peter Quill's new ongoing series. She isn't in this first look, but nonethless...
Prolific writer Charles Soule describes this five-issue series as a “screwed-up team book” and “a darker version of RUNAWAYS.”