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Marvel does one of the final panels at SDCC Sunday, talking about Spider-Man.
At the 'Women of Marvel' panel at SDCC, Marvel talked about the recently reported BLADE series.
Marvel to relaunch UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL into "All-New All-Different Marvel" with same creative team.
Marvel creators and staffers talk about the House of Idea's most prominent women, and announce new series.
DC co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee announced a BATMAN '66 crossover with the British spy franchise THE AVENGERS.
DC announced two new EARTH ONE series at the "Meet the Co-Publishers" panel Sunday morning at Comic-Con.
J. Michael Straczynski announced a new FLASH: EARTH ONE series for 2016.
Oni Press announces three new titles at Comic-Con International: San Diego.
Red 5 Comics to publish series based on Bryan Singer's THE USUAL SUSPECTS.
Jason Aaron & Kieron Gillen talk about the upcoming crossover event where Luke, Leia, Han & The Rebellion corner Darth Vader on his own, and attack.
Maxwell Lord leads a trio of villains being brought into CBS' SUPERGIRL series.
Originally a Wally West foe, the third of the Reverse-Flashes will be Barry's big adversary in Season 2.
He's met the Punisher, Predator and KISS, so why the hell not?
Warner Bros. Television and The CW debuted an image showing off Oliver Queen's new duds for the fourth season of ARROW.
Creators from MIDNIGHTER, BATGIRL, BLACK CANARY, GRAYSON and more talk about these heroes in the new DCU.
BOOM! break the script of publisher panels and delve into a discussion about industry changes inside comic books.
Hot on the heels of a new deal with DC, Milestone Media talks about its rejuvenated company's plans.
Here's the next big G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero story arc.
During SDCC's "Cup O' Joe" panel, Marvel announced a line of variant covers in October based on Jack Kirby monsters.
Marvel launches first STAR WARS crossover event with DARTH VADER and the core STAR WARS title.
Marvel CCO Joe Quesada leads a discussion on Marvel's current and upcoming titles.
During a panel at SDCC, Morrison revealed work on two new series at DC.