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John Romita Sr. will provide a variant cover to SUPERMAN #34, which John Romita Jr. draws, later this month, his first DC art in cover 50 years.
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In a new interview published Wednesday, Grant Morrison said THE MULTIVERSITY will feature Bruce Wayne's inspired by scorpions, stingrays, owls and ...
Tom talks about the Fury vs. Avengers face-off, the unworthiness of Thor, the main series’ true ‘original sin’ and the identity of the Lou Gehrig o...
A six-paged lettered preview from next week's start of Grant Morrison's wild DCU ride, The Multiversity #1.
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Two different writers, both with strong WB and comic book movie chops are working on an Aquaman script, according to reports.
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Inversion isn't the first time a Marvel or DC character has gone bad - far from it. Here are ten more!
Guardians of the Galaxy has plenty to hide - but the sequel has even more, and James Gunn is already teasing it.
The behemoth robot Gin-gr is going on a rampage, and Robert Venditti and Matt Kindt talk about what Armor Hunters is doing to the Valiant Universe ...
An exclusive first look at Joe Mad's variant cover to this month's INHUMANS #4.