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The seal is off the post-Convergence DC Comics future. Here's a look at the NEW SUICIDE SQUAD's new line-up beginning in June.
Felipe Smith writes and draws the finale of Robbie Reyes… with a little help from some friends
Early first impressions of five upcoming new series and the penultimate issue of SATELLITE SAM.
WITCH DOCTOR's Brandon Seifert and artist Eric Battle work with film studio Legendary on new 10-issue series.
Meaning the first 10 second issues of the 40 two-issue series, plus a first look at CONVERGENCE #0 and solicits for INJUSTICE: YEAR FOUR #1 and #2.
First look at Marvel's PRINCESS LEIA miniseries by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson.
Dennis Hopeless & Javier Garron revisit the classic 80s 'Inferno' crossover with an all-new series set in SECRET WARS' Battleworld.
Hundreds of Marvel comics collections to join Scribd's monthly subscription plan, like Netflix for books.
Some characters get an unfair bad rap. We're here to stick up for 10 of the most prominent Marvel ones.
Writer Steve Pugh says this Harley Quinn may feel a little different than the New 52 version.
THOR: THE DARK WORLD Screenwriter to unleash a killer MODOK on Battleworld.
Two 10s, Two 9s, and a few comics not so lucky with our review team.
Spencer & Eisma return and talk the series' big mysteries, the big questions, and even give a few answers.
Ennis returns to Marvel and reunites with a character he's written before.
Celebrating 10 years together, IDW and Hasbro has re-upped their license that'll keep G.I. JOE, TRANFORMERS, and MY LITTLE PONY comics and more at ...
We've talked a bunch now about what DC DID announce as part of their new line and new direction. Now we talk about what they didn't announce.
Remember, there are still DC titles coming out before June. Like next week's Earth 2: World's End #19, which looks like it'll lead in to some degre...
The writer was noticeably absent from this week's big DC announcement. He's branching out, including into a property that hasn't been published but...
A Newsarama brother comes home and brings Jimmy Palmiotti with him to talk about their new caper comic set in the world of comic cons.
We pull together some first glance thoughts about the end of the New 52 and that start of DC's more "inclusive" line.
An new Avengers team by G. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Molina.
Although it didn't outpace the excellent sales of December 2014, January's figures do beat the previous January's numbers.
DC recruits new faces and comics veterans like Garth Ennis, Bryan Hitch, Ming Doyle and Annie Wu for the next major chapter in its comics line.