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Nathan Edmondson & Alison Sampson delve into surrealist horror in what the writer calls 'an LSD head trip of a book.'
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Hopefully we won't have to add Superman: Unchained to this list, but here are some other comic book cold cases.
No, not really, but pretty damn close. The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN promotional tie-in DOES look a lot like Young's well known Marvel baby covers.
The creator opens up about his and Dan DiDio's new ongoing INFINITY MAN AND THE FOREVER PEOPLE series, and has advice for comic book readers.
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Tom Brevoort & Axel Alonso reveal what the ORIGINAL SINS offshoot series starring characters like Doctor Doom, Young Avengers, Deathlok and Black K...
Take a look at the first released clip from SON OF BATMAN, the next DC Animated Movie, premiering at WonderCon on April 18, 2014.
Take a look at new images and info from Son of Batman, the next DC Animated movie.
The NYC artist talks about collaborating with Scott Snyder, Mark Millar, and a 'big Marvel writer' in the next phase of his career.
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Newly-launched IDW Entertainment and Entertainment One Television have entered into a partnership to co-develop, co-fund and co-produce TV series b...
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige continues his press circuit interviews with hints about the future of the MCU.
An ALIENS & PREDATOR line poised is to fill STAR WARS' place as the major space-based comics line for Dark Horse.
Marvel is continuing to release more ORIGINAL SIN 'Everyone Has One' teasers highlighting the ongoing series tie-ins to their next major comic book...
The publisher is adding several new stories to the 64-page debut issue of the relaunched AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.
TV Producers say they haven't changed their plans for Marvel Studios' first show, and Cap's new Avengers costume is revealed inside.
Before his demise in ORIGINAL SIN #1, Uatu the Watcher crosses paths with Nova to tell his final story.