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An advance look at the Middle Eastern-set drama over money, oil, private military and human life.
This is the companion piece to Ladronn's UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 variant showing the original Inhumans.
All that, plus the latest GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, GREEN LANTERN CORPS and a new PRINCELESS series.
The Big bads of Marvel's biggest team step up.
All of DHC's May 2015 solicits and cover preview images.
Cinemax has picked up Robert Kirkman's Exorcism Thriller Outcast
Vertigo will release two comic tie-ins to the upcoming MAD MAX: FURY ROAD movie.
Plus Streaky, Hoppy and Dex-Star plush toys [drops microphone].
The 10 number 2s of CONVERGENCE miniseries from the third week of May.
Tony Bedard and Ron Wagner take on a CONVERGENCE story featuring a throwback team of a young Kyle Rayner Green Lantern and Hal Jordan just as he be...
A new series in May by Sam Humphries and Marc Laming set in a land full of rampaging Hulks.
"All the heroes of the DC Universe unite to face a crisis of infinite proportions – but when all is done, there can be only one reality." Sound fam...
Here's a look at fifteen of the variant covers from Marvel's March titles drawn by women.
IDW Relocates to former Navy barracks in San Diego arts district and launches comic gallery.
The future of Cannonball and Smasher plays itself out before 'Time Runs Out' and Secret Wars takes over in this preview of next week's Avengers Wor...
Think everything about a superhero came from the comics? You'd be wrong.
The creative team behind the popular HARLEY QUINN tells us what's coming up, talk about the JUNE HARLEY/POWER GIRL series and the growing female fa...
Five of the Big Two's top books hit shelves week -- but which one only earned a 5 out of 10 from our critics?
Although by-and-large retailers are excited about DC's wave of new titles coming in June, they have some concerns and questions about long-term pla...
With the current 'Spider-Verse' about to close, Marvel announces a new SPIDER-VERSE series inside SECRET WARS.
Spider-Man tangles with Medusa in the kick-off of this three part crossover.
Ronan and the Kree sucked into Black Vortex crossover and into a battle with the X-Men and the Guardians.
Meaning the second 10 second issues of the 40 two-issue series.
Convergence: Justice League International writer Ron Marz talks about reuniting the pre-Zero Hour roster of the team for the DC event.