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The BONE Creator & comics journalist Tom Spurgeon work to create a new comics festival called Cartoon Crossroads Columbus.
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No, it's not about a vacuum cleaner. Michael Korvac returns to Marvel in a new Secret Wars series. No word on whether the 'Minions of Menace' are c...
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Marvel announced a new agreement with Comixology and parent company Amazon that expands the comic publisher's digital titles onto Amazon's Kindle.
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One of Marvel & DC's top artists in the late 1990s and early 2000s returns from a comic book sabbatical to do comics on his own terms.
Mike Baron's 1980s series BADGER returns with a new volume and the recently merged Devil's Due / 1First.
WONDER WOMAN #41 features the debut of a new David Finch-designed costume, along with sketches of preliminary versions.