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We roundup the Hollywood news with some possible new mutants, what's coming before the break for SHIELD and ARROW and much more.
Casey's Image series that seemed to be a riff on the SPIDER-MAN trope was kind of a bait-and-switch. The writer explains what it was REALLY about.
Wu compares her work on the critical darling series to Nicki Minaj, and opines for Dog Cops series at Marvel, in this Hawkeye exit interview.
Crossovers and series ending highlight the Marvel February Solicitations - see what else is newsworthy here.
Take an early look at three books to see which is worth your attention this week!
Take an exclusive first look at BOOM!'s offerings including KaBOOM!, BOOM! Box, and more!
The new Wonder Woman writer talks about following Azzarello & Chiang, Diana being a character in transition, and her future in the New 52.
Take an exclusive look at the next Afterlife with Archie Magazine, which is more than just a reprint of the ongoing series.
See what Valiant has in store early next year right here, first.
French photographer Sacha Goldberger has created a series of photos of iconic genre reimagined as the subjects of 16th century portraits of the Fle...
BOOM!'s newest series is a sci-fi prison story. We talk exclusively with Ed Brisson and Damian Couciero about the new series.
The artist of the forthcoming CHRONONAUTS pulls back the curtain on his collaboration with the INTERSTELLAR director on a comic for WIRED.
Michael Shelling started this month as DC's new Burbank-based Director, Publicity (publishing).
ALL of Marvel's solicits and cover image for titles going on sale in Feburary 2015.
Ant-Man's profile is growing (see what we did there) with yet another medium to be conquered.
The first details about DC Comics' Convergence Week 2 have emerged and we have them here.
No cancellations! But a lot of just maintaining the status quo. More from DC's February Solicits inside.
The man who would be the man who would be Two-Face talks about the role, working within the confines of a larger mythos, and more.
SPIDER-VERSE concludes and two new SPIDER-FAMILY titles debut in February.
The latest issue of Grant Morrison's magnum opus visits Earth-4 and the former Charlton heroes.
Take a final look at last week's books with the Best Shots review crew.
DC is rolling out their February 2015 solicitations, and they've just released their third group of NEW 52 titles.
DC is rolling out their February 2015 solicitations, and they've just released their second group of NEW 52 titles.
ALL of DC's February 2015 solicits and cover images under one URL.