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Marvel Comics has revealed the second of three umbrella categories for SECRET WARS titles - this one titled BATTLEWORLD.
Next week is an Uncanny week at Marvel Comics. Here are previews of both UNCANNY X-MEN #31 and AVENGERS #1.
Marvel's got a map but at the moment not a lot of tourist info. We try to fill-in some of the blanks of the future home of the WHOLE MARVEL UNIVERSE
After maxing out San Diego's convention space with plans for expansion faltering, other California cities are stepping up to host.
Which Big Two title got closest to a perfect 10 from our revieweers?
Ongoing series to include UNCLE SCROOGE, DONALD DUCK, MICKEY MOUSE, and more.
As POWERS TV show nears release, Bendis makes his late night TV debut.
The two veteran writers tell us FUTURES END is NOT a prologue to CONVERGENCE, and it WILL have ramifications for the New 52.
The Humble Bundle, Archie's first, will have proceeds going towards the CBLDF and the Hero Initiative.
The Civil Rights legend discusses the second volume of his autobiographical Top Shelf graphic novel, and the state of race relations in America
Every new Marvel title launched during or after SECRET WARS for the NEW MARVEL UNIVERSE will fall into one of three categories. Wednesday Marvel re...
As the series unfurls the rich history of the Symbiote race, Flash Thompson / Agent Venom gets a new look.
DC Comics has provided Newsarama readers with a couple of first looks at variant covers to two February releases.
Reggie Hudlin, Denys Cowan and Derek McDuffie set to revive company and comics characters, including Static.
The Marvel Universe is dead. Long live the Marvel Universe. We ask 10 questions we still have about SECRET WARS and the end of the current MU and t...
Three of the architects of the Marvel Universe as we know it offer their opinion and insight about the recent SECRET WARS announcement.
GEOFF JOHNS & JASON FABOK answer our questions about this week's JUSTICE LEAGUE #38, a superpowered Batman and March's DARKSEID WAR prologue.
Geoff Johns and Jay Fabok welcome three veteran DC artists for the special issue, as well as talk about new heroes joining the fold.
ALL of DC's April 2015 solicits and cover images under one URL.
The exclusive first review of Warren Ellis' take on Dynamite's public domain PROJECT SUPERPOWERS project.
The venerable comic book domain was 54 years old.
What does the father/creator/architect of the Marvel Universe think about Marvel Comics ending it. Here's what he has to say...
Marvel Comics has pulled the trigger - SECRET WARS will result in the end of the Marvel Universe as fans know it.