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Participating publishers include Image, Dynamite, Zenescope, Top Shelf, MonkeyBrain and Thrillbent.
Join some of Batman's biggest creators from across his 75 years in existence for a panel celebrating it all!
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6 issue series inspired by horror anthology classics TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR.
Dwayne Johnson has given his most definitive tease as Shazam yet in a new interview.
Dan Slott gets his own spotlight panel as the first Marvel-related one of the convention!
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An exclusive preview of next week's ORIGINAL SIN tie-in. Steve is giving up the shield for a while, so enjoy him as Cap while you still can.
On BATMAN DAY DC is showing off art to the GEOFF JOHNS-GARY FRANK sequel to the popular 2012 graphic novel.
Getting to the heart, the soul, and the story of Batman in DC's modern "New 52."
Image Expo kicks off the Comic-Con action early with a special presentation on Day Zero of the convention!
Here's our review crews first pass at this week's new comic book titles.
IDW will adapt the hit Canadian import to comics in 2015, though cleverly announcing it won't be a clone" of the TV series.
In a somewhat surprising news, is now scheduling 4 years between AMAZING sequels, but given a 2016 date to the Spider-Man spin-off.
IDW recruits defense correspondent turned fiction writer Karen Traviss for Joes and new breed of Cobra.
The writer gives hints about his new creator-owned series and who he’s working with.
Marvel Studios’ President says both Red Skull and a “real” Mandarin could return in future films.
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