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Newly DC-exclusive series writer Dan Abnett talks about his big plans for what he calls 'the great legacy team of the DC Universe.'
Here's the first lettered preview of one of next week's initial REBIRTH one-shot specials - in this case GREEN ARROW: REBIRTH #1.
Could it be that obvious? If so, Geoff Johns has had this trick up his sleeve for a long while now.
DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 paved the way for the return of the classic DCU - but it also raised many, many questions.
Kimberly Hart returns to the Rangers to rekindle some old relationships and deal with a big secret.
Reading REBIRTH as a meta-commentary on the state of DC Comics and Warner Bros.'s DC Films franchise.
DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH puts a new spotlight on WATCHMEN - but how did WATCHMEN change the course of DC Comics the first time?
GEOFF JOHNS has been open about what he likes in REBIRTH - but what didn't he like in the "New 52?"
Now that the cat is out of the bag, here's the best look yet at the 'rebirthed' Wally West's new costume, courtesy of artist Brett Booth.
Marvel announces the revival of its MARVEL NOW! branding with a new publishing initiative.
With Cap arguably becoming their flagship film character, why keep fixing what isn't broke?
"All-New All-Different Marvel", make way for a new, returning era.
Forget SPACE JAM 2, it's a Valiant jam with Philip Tan, Butch Guice, and more.
Multiple Superman, multiple Lois Lanes, and now this?
A new DISHONORED series bridging the story between the first two games.
Steve Rogers' latest ongoing series ends with twist, but Best Shots ain't buying.
Johns last issue of an ongoing series for a while ends the Darkseid War with death, life, brand new mysteries and a lead-in to DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH...
We deep dive into a splash page from the end of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 highlighting the future of the newest incarnation of the DCU.
Writer Brian Buccellato talks about this weeks gut-punch of an issue.
John Carpenter's creator-owned series reaches the end of its second arc.
The best of the worst that DC has to offer. World's Finest, meet World's Fiercest!
As well as advance reviews of LOVE: THE LION and THE LIVING FINGER #1.