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Andrew MacClean's OGN ApocalyptiGirl and a new take on dystopian fiction.
Marvel announces new ongoing series spinning out of SECRET WARS pitting AGE OF ULTRON versus MARVEL ZOMBIES by James Robinson and Steve Pugh.
It's probably the best villain-hero rivalry in all of comics, and we look at the best of the best.
Writer Justin Gray brings the bright, hopeful America of DC's former Earth-2 into conflict with their Soviet Cold War Elseworlds counterparts.
Newsarama's review team looks at top books from Marvel and DC, as well as an advance look at a new BOOM! series.
Newsarama has the exclusive on a new AVENGERS #43 cover to replace previously solicited one.
Marvel announces THORS title by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse set in SECRET WARS' Battleworld.
Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood talk about their take on Crocket and Tubbs in MIAMI VICE REMIX.
You know Batman is truly desperate to make this move. Check out this preview of this week's BATMAN #39, part 5 of Endgame.
Amazing Spider-Man's "Spiral" arc begins with the wall-crawler going head-long into a street crime war with Tombstone -- written by his co-creator,...
DC says its the most brutal battle in the history of the New 52. See the start of it here.
Dan Jurgens talks about CONVERGENCE: BOOSTER GOLD, Brainiacs, and a possible reunion between Booster and Blue Beetle.
Fabian Nicieza explains how this Superboy is the "purest" version, plucked months from his debut to meet the Kingdom Come Superman.
Marvel's latest "final issue" gets a variant cover by Jim Cheung as "Time Runs Out" on the Avengers... for now.
It looks like a lot of Marvel's past Ghost Riders are getting together to race in Battleworld in the new series GHOST RACERS. C'mon, a horse agains...
Ron Marz talks about focusing on the relationship between a more world-weary Batman, Damian and Jason Todd in Convergence: Batman and Robin.
MegaCon has announced a MegaWalk charity event to raise money for the Hero Initiative.
With Archie coming to an end with issue #666 and a few Disney Comics relaunches coming up, we take a look at the remaining longest running comics.
Gamora, and the elder Beast and Angel get all cosmic-awarey and make plans to reshap
Take an exclusive preview at Batman's Manga stylings from Jiro Kuwata right here!
The husband-and-wife team of Gabriel Hardman and Corina Bechko create a new SF epic for Image full of deadly secrets.
Both BLACK WIDOW and PUNISHER will have "Last Days' tie-in arcs to SECRET WARS.
Quick reviews of the top books of February 19, including a perfect 10 and a 1 out of 10.
The creative behind Marvel POWER PACK bring together John Henry Irons and the one-time WildSTORM teen-team.