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Decorated Disney vets Don Hall & Chris Williams talk about Big Hero 6's "hybrid" audience and Williams' secret ambition to make a PUCK movie.
Genre-regular Morena Baccarin will reoccur on FOX's new drama as one of BATMAN's long-time supporting cast members.
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K. Perkins, Supergirl's new co-writer is taking SUPERGIRL to school and giving her a whole new supporting cast.
But wait, if WOLVERINE is dead, how can he become an Old Man? The Marvel Multiverse is in full swing and we bet it's all a part of SECRET WARS.
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ARKHAM MANOR won't be some periphery Gotham City series. BATMAN stars in the opening arc, going undercover. The writer explains all.
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Ray Fisher talks about his Cyborg casting for the first time, and talks about being on set with his fellow Justice Leaguers.
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Warner Bros./DC have already got a crowded TV development slate, but they haven't even started digital yet, and the former MILESTONE character will...
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Layman & artist Javi Garron take over Slim’s series with this week’s #6, and the writer tells us what's in store for young Cyclops.
Marvel is avoiding use of any terms like Lady Thor or Femme Thor but here's your first look at the second issue of the Thor that is no longer a dude.
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Patton talks about Iris’ long history in comics and the path she’s taking in the CW TV series.
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The TIME RUNS OUT chapter gets a new Simone Bianchi over and Brandon Peterson's original cover gets moved down the line.
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