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W. Scott Forbes' THE INFINITY GAUNTLET #2 variant cover shows off the all-new, female NOVA.
Before you see the hotly-anticipated new Brad Bird film…find out what happened before in a new book mixing prose and comics.
DC's reprinting of Jiro Kuwata's Batman manga series continues with a new chapter this Saturday.
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The IDW veterans Gabriel Rodriguez & Chris Ryall premiere their first creator-owned collaboration, ONYX, with EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes art.
Jack and Lo Pan enter the Endless Hells of Legend in this Big Trouble In Little China #11 Exclusive Preview.
Marvel sure likes their All-New All-Different branding. A new teaser suggests the whole darn Marvel U will be branded that way this fall.
DC has revealed its comic-con exclusives for 2015.
You're invited to the funeral of the "greatest" Autobot who ever lived in a TRANSFORMERS: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE #41 exclusive preview.
Madelyne Pryor is getting some extra cover-up, but it's not the WORST costume an X-Man has ever had.
The fight between Iron Man and Captain America never ended in Charles Soule's Secret Wars series CIVIL WAR.
Animator turned comic book artist Mingjue Helen Chen talks about her work leading up to and including GOTHAM ACADEMY.
Marvel's flagship team gets a new branch -- in 2099 -- in SECRET WARS 2099 #1 preview.
As well as Convergence: Wonder Woman #2, Jem and the Holograms #3, Master of Kung Fu #1, Oh, Killstrike #1, Convergence: Justice League of America ...
Rob Liefeld explains the impending relaunches of BLOODSTRIKE and BRIGADE.
Jim Starlin illustrates a new variant cover for SECRET WARS #4 featuring Thanos and more.
The artist has drawn a giant group shot that will be broken up into seven character variants.
Bryan Hitch talks about June's JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, and bringing in elements from his past works along with new ideas.
Where did the Guardians of the Galaxy end up with SECRET WARS? A bar inside a floating dead Celestial's head, for GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE #1.
Some version of Jean Grey has to come out of SECRET WARS somehow, right?
Aaron Kuder & Greg Pak dive into a new era for Clark Kent in ACTION COMICS.
After looking at DC's former imprints, Newsarama turns its attention to Marvel, from Marvel Knights to 2099 and beyond,
Skottie Young discusses his inspiration for Giant-Size Little Marvels: AVX, and the genesis of the Little Marvels.
As well as A-FORCE #1, MASTER OF KUNG FU #1, and LUMBERJANES #14.