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ALL of DC Comics' December 2014 solicitations and preview cover images.
BOOM! Studios has a new series launching in December, looking at ETERNAL life through devious means. We have the exclusive details inside.
Take a look at Justice League, The Flash, and much more in this preview of DC Comics' December 2014 Solicitations.
Here's a look at DC's BEYOND THE NEW 52 group solicitations for December 2014.
Like many things in this monthly event, you might want to take this with something of a grain of salt.
DC is releasing their December 2014 solicitations in cycles, starting with Collectibles (toys), Collections (trades) and Vertigo (Vertigo).
The Dawn of the Autobots storyline continues in this exclusive Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #33 preview.
Take an early look at Amazing Spider-Man #7, an Edge of Spider-Verse tie-in!
Guardians of the Galaxy hit another milestone this weekend, with big box office wins.
Somehow, someway, the TV and movie Batmobiles got into the Batcave in New 52 continuity, according to this exclusive preview of this week's BATMAN/...
With Wolverine’s death just weeks away, we look at his top enemies – and potentially top suspects!
Lexcorp's logo in the Futures End world looks awfully familiar - but is it further in the future or a link to the past?
X-23 takes center stage in this first issue of a series exploring Wolverine's effect on the Marvel world.
The acclaimed cartoonist on depression, anxiety and being very, very funny.
Take an exclusive look at the next issue of Sons of Anarchy, the comic!
here's a partial list of DC's December 2014 Batman solicitations. All the Bat-family titles aren't here, but Robin Rises: Alpha #1 is.
Take a quick look at this week's biggest books in our shortform review column from the Best Shots team.
Of course, he may only be the Robin of the future that never occurs rather than the new Robin of the present that has yet to be named. But he's a f...
The December-launching limited series pits two of Marvel's most powerful beings head-to-head.
The end of Batman Beyond 2.0 is coming, but the writers still have a bit left in store for readers.
The legendary “Phantom Tollbooth” illustrator talks coming to comics at age 85
Yes, THE Blue & Gold from the pre-New 52, Giffen-DeMatteis Justice League are back in an ongoing series in December. Find out where and how.
Johns gives new details about the big 2015 JUSTICE LEAGUE storyline and talks about the future of Green Lanterns in the League.