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Marvel returns to the X-Men's future past... we mean the past future... ah screw it. Here's a first look at Secret Wars' YEARS OF FUTURE PAST #1.
Fantagraphics to publish Daniel Clowes' first OGN in almost a decade with PATIENCE.
Animation writer Heath Corson makes his comics debut with a comedic BIZARRO series with Gustavo Duarte.
Jae Lee and Archie Andrews go up a tree in a new variant cover for the rebooted ARCHIE #1.
With both the Marvel U and the Ultimate U ending as we know it with SECRET WARS, will they end with a whimper or a bang? Find out in Newsarama's re...
Extreme Makeover: 1990s Superhero Comics Edition.
Marvel revives ARMOR wars as a SECRET WARS domain with everyone in armor as two Iron Men fight over its future.
First impressions of two Image series and a new one from Valiant.
Mairghread Scott & Mirka Andolfo bring the women of CHAOS! into the fold for the SWORD OF SORROWS crossover event.
Unity comes together to take on the villainous Malgam in this Unity #18 preview.
Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic kick off SECRET WARS with this #1 coming out Wednesday.
RWP to showcase United Nations' goals for global progress as comics for education.
Si Spurrier and Jeff Stokely return to BOOM! for a new series, THE SPIRE.
Jeremy Bastian returns to the ultra-detailed world of his high seas heroine in a new annual.
Gotham's Midnight Shift continues to police the night, with the Spectre looming and a new recruit: Kate Spencer.
First look inside the return to the 1990s X-Men crossover into Genosha with X-TINCTION AGENDA #1.
SAY ANYTHING’s Max Bemis returns to comics for a love letter to 1990s comics with Logan Faerber called OH, KILLSTRIKE.
Blending the Bible, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and his own speculation, Liefeld takes a classic Bible story and turns it into comics with artist Matt ...
Here's a preview look at this week's installment of DC's Convergence.
As CONVERGENCE continues on, DC's FCBD title DIVERGENCE sets the stage for the return of BATMAN, SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE.
Charles Soule continues as a one-man INHUMANS machine in INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING #1.
The YOUNG AVENGERS of 1602 and X-Slaves in Egyptia vs Moon Knight are the other-worldly mash-ups in this debut issue of SECRET WARS JOURNAL.