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DC Has released Ivan Reis's full wraparound cover to this week's DC COMICS PREVIEWS without the trade dress.
Marvel has released four new variant covers to this summer's CIVIL WAR II.
One of the most intriguing mysteries of the new STAR WARS films is solved.
Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri talk about the new Harleys team book with Mauricet.
Touching on both FORCE AWAKENS and the prequel trilogy.
Peter J. Tomasi chronicles the origin of the Super-League and what may be the biggest mystery of the upcoming REBIRTH.
As expected, the writer-director will be at the helm of Warner Bros. next solo Batman film.
A tie score for two #1s debuting this week.
Alessandro Vitti joins Lee Bermejo on his post-apocalyptic Vertigo story.
Captain America, Iron Man, the curious case of Benjamin Batman, and more.
One of three high-profile Superman villains will be recruited to the supervillain task force. Plus a lilttle Titans news.
As well as the return of GOTHAM ACADEMY and Deathstroke dealing with finding a family member on his hit list.
Sam Humphries talks about the challenges facing Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, and Frances Manapul puts Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in one title.
This week's DC Rebirth catalog provides more information as to looks like major changes coming to Wonder Woman.
DC's REBIRTH catalog for retailers reveals more about May's line-wide relaunch.
One of the most intriguing mysteries of the new STAR WARS films is solved.
Archie Comics revives plans for two new series spotlighting members of the Riverdale gang.