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J. Michael Straczynski returns to talk the third volume of SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE.
Once its most popular character -- and the highest selling title in all of comics in 1997 -- is dying this Wednesday.
G. Willow Wilson continues her X-Men run with with story as Ororo battles the supervillain 'claustrophobia.'
New Super-powers, new space event, new STAR WARS stories, and new Richard Corben.
The Red Circle heroes see stories from the 1980s, 1990s and new ones coming to most major digital platforms.
Marvel locks down Bendis as the creator celebrates 15th year with the company.
The writer talks about the seemingly far-fetched concept of launching vampires into space, the life-cycle of the AMVAMP series and its future.
Marvel launches second SECRET WARS tie-in anthology series, focused on eccentric creator-driven stories.
Heroes of space meets the mutant race in this crossover between the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, and mroe.
Matt Hawkins leads a new creator-owned series into the world of a town full of criminals who discover one of their few laws being broken: murder.
A married Superman with red trunks is back (along with a pregnant Lois), for 2 months anyway, but is there any chance they make a come back in the ...
Doctor Who wins fan-voting contest for LEGO set.
Bendis clarifies his plans for the previously announced UNCANNY X-MEN #600 with his departure from it and ALL-NEW X-MEN.
Superman's new power & costume aren't the ONLY significant developments in this week's issue. Check out two more surprising events.
Writer Sam Humphries and artist Ed McGuinness take the helm of the upcoming Marvel comics crossover which sends the two teams in search of an ancie...
The fan-favorite BATMAN writer talks about the success of his Image Comics series and what is coming up next.
The advance word on new series from Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, Ed Brisson and more!
Peter David and Will Sliney continue their run -- and bring in old and new 2099 heroes in on the action.
Tom Peyer and Steve Yeowell tell a tale of two Atoms -- Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi -- as well as looping in Deathstroke and more.
"What do you get when you cross Star Trek’s Holodeck with the wacky irreverence of the Bravest Warriors?"
The man of the green goes digital in this DC digital-first series.
Superman's got a super new power and now it's got a super name. Check out what DC hopes will become part of comic book lexicon the way "heat vision...
Marvel releases information on 8 of BATTLEWORLD's domains, including a ONE MORE DAY realm and a CAROL CORPS home base.