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Cliff Curtis joins the cast, and we look at who is left for the spin-off getting a pilot on AMC.
It's the Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Superior Spider-Man in this exclusive preview of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #11, chapter 3 of Spider-Verse.
The Suicide Squad is getting quite the push right now, with their own DLC pack hitting for Lego Batman 3.
Check out pages from Marvel's new one-shot bringing attention towards their anti-bullying campaign.
The Seth Rogan co-written, produced, director adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon Vertigo series will shoot a pilot next summer.
While the superhero teams might be getting the spotlight this week, we look at the best bad guy supergroups in comic history
The fan-favorite writer talks about reviving her cult-favorite series and starting from scratch for the New 52 universe.
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It's a gallery of images of "The Man in the Yellow Suit" and you know you want every sneak peek you can get!
Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher of DC Comics, is talking about their two-month event, with some new details and hints.
Take a look into the future and next week's mid-season finale of Arrow, with many Lances, multiple al Ghuls, and more!
In case you missed it, DC Comics is running a preview image of next month's THE MULTIVERSITY GUIDEBOOK in this week's new titles.
The corporate synergy is strong with this one. But just how strong is the crossover between comic book and college football fans?
The digital-first anthology continues with a story pitting Diana against Darkseid, in a roundabout way.
Whether due to possession or a lack of options, sometimes even the noblest of superheroes take a life. Graeme finds 10 noticeable instances.
Does something in his new Marvel variant cover look like something you'd been seeing lately Tuesday nights between 9 and 10?
We talk with Brett Dalton about his character, Grant Ward, and what's to come for the complex traitor as Season 2 hits the halfway point.
Artist Scott Kowalchuk is playing with some dreams with a new Batman '66 story featuring a surprising villain.
Check out a couple of new first look images and a couple of lettered preview pages from Marvel's unlikely January debut.
Square-Enix and Disney's mash-up action RPG could add some pretty significant characters to the next iteration.
The 1985 animated series/slash toy line for girls becomes a movie and a comic book in 2015.
Jimmy Palmiotti is teaming up with ex-Newsarama Ediotr Matt Brady for a new project at BOOM! Studios.
The artist’s artist talks about the nuts and bolts of Cap, the uniqueness of the suit, and tips from Katsuhiro Otomo on drawing animals.
Week Four of Convergence is centered on Pre-Crisis multiverse characters, with one notable exception and surprise.