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Image Comics shows off its comedic side with a humor-focused panel at Chicago's 2015 C2E2.
Some of the creators of Image comics convene to talk horror in a C2E2 2015 panel at Chicago.
Live coverage of DC's Young Gotham panel at C2E2.
Dan Slott, Dennis Hopeless & James Robinson to talk about their SECRET WARS series including RENEW YOUR VOWS, INFERNO and more.
Marvel has announced a solo title for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY's Drax, to be co-written wrestler-turned-MMA-fighter Phil "CM Punk" Brooks.
Another weekly Batman series? Scott Snyder says they've talked about a new series focusing on the history of Robin.
Newsarama gives the play-by-play to Marvel's SECRET WARS panel, BATTLEWORLD.
Marvel's touring panel hits Chicago, with Mark Waid, Rick Remender and more talking SECRET WARS and what comes next.
Marvel announces a new SECRET WARS series focused on romance called SECRET LOVE.
August's RAI #9 will see the hero exiled the Earth where he'll discover where Valiant's modern-day heroes ended up.
Marvel announces a new ANT-MAN one-shot set inside SECRET WARS.
HASBRO announced an all-female Transformers team with Windblade, Arcee, Solus Prime, Chromia and more, to debut in TRANSFORMERS: COMBINER HUNTERS.
Marvel's first Saturday panel at C2E2 kicks off, talking about SECRET WARS.
Here's the first real good look at actor Jared Leto as Batman's arch-enemy.
Flash's nemesis in the comics and the TV show, the Reverse-Flash, gets a new origin and a new costume.
A lot of people think that Batman and Superman hold themselves to a higher code, but here are just ten of the many times they've taken the ultimate...
DC kicked of the publisher panels in Chicago with a handful of creators talking about their upcoming new titles.
Marvel also announced a new HOWLING COMMANDOS series, and several other series continuing out of SECRET WARS.
Frank Miller returns to DC to complete his Batman trilogy with THE DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE.
An exclusive preview of BOOM! Studios' BURNING FIELDS #4 by Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel and Colin Lorimer.
Longtime DC artist Gene Ha steps out on his own with a new creator-owned series called MAE.
SOULFIRE returns with a new series called ETERNAL SOULFIRE kicking off at Free Comic Book Day.
DC's time-traveling heroes get caught up in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS in this preview of next week's Convergence: Booster Gold #1.