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Months after Marvel took over the Star Wars license, Dark Horse is firing back by offering retailers a chance to trade in STAR WARS for a variant o...
Netflix has released a new video package for DAREDEVIL, showing more of DD's ensemble cast as well as first mention of THE DEFENDERS.
The storyline finales of Batman: Eternal, The New 52: Futures End, and Earth 2: World's End lead into CONVERGENCE and DC's new titles in June.
After Tuesday's THE FLASH episode 'The Tricksters,' CW releases a trailer teasing what's coming up in the remainder of this season.
Variety announces Paramount has cast ARROW's Stephen Amell as Casey Jones in the 2016 sequel to TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.
Newsarama sat down with Justin Gray to discuss the relationship between Batman and Catwoman in his upcoming Convergence: Catwoman mini-series.
LOST alum Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has reportedly joined the cast of SUICIDE SQUAD as Killer Croc, along with Scott Eastwood in the rumored role of...
Marvel announces another series launching in the midst of SECRET WARS, HOUSE OF M.
Michael Avon Oeming joins Mike W. Barr for a Penguin story in BATMAN '66.
Marvel has hired Cheo Hodari Coker to be the executive producer and showrunner of the Netflix series LUKE CAGE>
Change isn't always a good thing, especially when it comes to heroes passing the torch.
Dwayne Johnson talks about his decision to play Black Adam, while AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON receives life-size statues from Hot Toys, a Mad Max trail...
The showrunner of Marvel Studios & Netflix's DAREDEVIL, Steven DeKnight, talks about his hopes for a PUNISHER series spinning out of DAREDEVIL.
The CW has released a new video and image promoting Tuesday's new episode of the Flash.
Classic mythology gets “Kirby-ized” in MYTHIC, an off-beat adventure series from Phil Hester and John McCrea.
Scott Snyder & Co. put Batman versus his suspected long-lost brother in the finale of BATMAN ETERNAL.
DC brings together some of its top creators to talk about what's next for its biggest titles.