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Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley have released a trailer promoting their upcoming series THE BEAUTY at Image.
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"New" New Gods? a New Star-Lord? The first casualty of DC You? Big questions, and some big answers.
Robert Venditti talks about the return of Black Hand, the Source Wall's fragments, and the future of the GREEN LANTERN titles.
Tilda Swinton has confirmed her role as Dr. Strange's mentor the Ancient One in Marvel's 2016 film.
ALL of DC's October 2015 solicits including Vertigo, Collectibles and Collections and the entire main DCU line.
The end of SECRET WARS and the beginning of the "All-New All-Different Marvel" era.
The nominees for the 2015 Harvey Awards have been announced. See the full list inside.
Valiant is out with their titles coming up in October 2015.
The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice actor had some choice words about Comic-Con International: San Diego.
DC started rolling out their October solicits in reverse this month, starting with ALL the main DCU titles from Batman to Superman to Justice League.
'Darkseid War' continues on as two JLers find themselves marooned on Apokolips in JUSTICE LEAGUE #42.
Michael Keaton's Batsuit and Batmobile are coming to Arkham Knight, and director Josh Trank reveals that El-P of Run The Jewels created music for F...