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We're back with week two's summaries and hot-button moments. What were the biggest and craziest things that happened this week? Follow along with o...
Phillips’ French G.N. Comes to America – and he teases a sci-fi book with Brubaker next year.
The long-time friends have what looks to be their last conversation/adventure together. Least for a couple of years anyway.
Peggy Carter is one of the many additional faces that will appear on the Season 2 premiere episode of the Marvel sophomore series.
Replacing WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, SPIDER-MAN takes over for Wolverine, officially becomine a Jean Grey School instructor ... with a secret mission.
The emerging technology as given a little boy born without a right hand a working one, and he wanted it to look just like Iron Man's.
The creators of Halo have a new DESTINY - to keep selling video games in massive quantities.
We saw a glimpse months ago, but here's the first, clear look at Batman's new movie wheels.
One of the most exciting aspect of the sophomore ABC show is the potential to bring in various familiar Marvel faces — here are George's picks.
We found a new clue - could the big plans for DC's new Power Girl include a Teen Team all her own?
Take a look at a trio of first issues from a trio of publishers, all hitting tomorrow!
In a new interview, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and 2016's CAP 3 director Joe and Anthony Russo hand out more clues to the third installment.
DC isn't making it easy for Donna Troy fans. After last week's ACTION COMICS: FUTURES END tease, we look at the future of the character in the New 52.
We kick off a week of small-press interviews with the creator of the bee-and-feminism-themed comic
The two event books hitting this month and next are leading into a third, with DC's Co-Publishers hinting the strongest they have yet.