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Marvel has tweeted support for the victims of the Orlando attack.
DONALD GLOVER has reportedly fulfilled his destiny and joined the cast of SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING.
Company President Robert Khoo steps down while the webcomics' original creators take over.
Nintendo has unveiled the first trailer for its open world ZELDA game.
DC's one-day Dark Knight celebration returns with events planned with comic stores, bookstores, libraries and more.
Disney has released a new trailer for its remake of PETE'S DRAGON.
Series writer Robert Venditti promises more post-CRISIS continuity to REBIRTH.
Marvel's mystery one-shots may have just gotten slightly less mysterious.
Veteran Marvel editor SANA AMANAT has joined the White House's UNITED STATE OF WOMEN summit.
Marvel partners with Insomniac for a new PS4 exclusive.
Consider this the hall of fame for Titans Tower.
Loki Laufeyson is on the election trail, shaking hands and kissing babies.
Gotham's Poison Ivy is turning over a new leaf for the new season - with a new actor, apparently.
DC Comics has tweeted support for the victims of the Orlando shooting.
FAST & FURIOUS style remake drives head-long into IDW's crossover universe with G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS, and more.
EA Games has a host of new STAR WARS games in production.
Microsoft has announced its next console, a VR compatible version of the XBOX.
Sandra Lanz's creator-owned series HOUSE GIRLS continues at Stela.
A petition to replace the Russian voice actor for Marvel's SPIDER-MAN has surfaced.
Cornell returns to the franchise to explore the character's "contradictions and vulnerabilities."
Big Rig, Shootertron, Stinky, and Balls are back in trading card form.