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Including a Superior Spider-Man #31 J. Scott Campbell variant, an Uncanny X-Men #20 Adi Granov variant, and an Avengers Undercover #3 Jorge Molina ...
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The multifaceted soundtrack to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has debuted its first single, hear it here.
Counting down the 10 most radical changes to the Bat-mythos, some of them lasting until today.
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The comic book icon launches a new HULK series by going back to early days of the X-MEN.
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We speak with the writer and artist Matthew Dow Smith about bringing a touch of horror to a Man of Steel adventure.
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In an OP/ED, we ask if genre films are beginning to go a little overboard with all the, death, destruction, and collateral damage
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The director preemptively prepares South Koreans for the disruption the sequel's shoot will cause in their capital city.
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The X-MEN LEGACY Cover Artist talks about taking on a solo series with Marvel’s red-clad killer.
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