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We highlight the biggest takeaways from DC's November solicitations.
Levi Miller has been cast as Carter Grant in CBS's SUPERGIRL.
Fox's GOTHAM reportedly adds another to the arsonist gang with a gender-bent version of DC villain Firefly.
Harada goes from villain to hero to underdog in the newest arc of Valiant's IMPERIUM.
ALL of DC's November 2015 solicits including Vertigo, Collectibles and Collections and the entire main DCU line.
Check out a preview of HEROES VENGEANCE #1 from Titan Comics.
Series artist Jason Fabok talks about his and Geoff Johns' plans for JUSTICE LEAGUE #43 and the newest chapter of 'Darkseid War.'
Here's part four of the DC's November 2015 DC Universe solicitations.
Here's part three of the DC's November 2015 DC Universe solicitations.
Here's part two of the DC's November 2015 DC Universe solicitations.
DC started rolling out their November solicits in reverse this month, starting with ALL the main DCU titles from Batman to Superman to Justice Leag...
20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to BOOM! Studios' TAG.
It's musical chairs with Metron's Mobius Chair in JUSTICE LEAGUE #43.
DC has begun unveiling their solicitations for November books.
Disney & Pixar unveiled the logo for the upcoming sequel to THE INCREDIBLES.
Dark Horse's bounty hunter Barb Wire is back -- and on the run -- in BARB WIRE #3.
At D23, Disney released a new poster drawn by Drew Struzan.
Disney and Lucasfilm have revealed more details and concept art for its planned STAR WARS lands in Disney Parks.
Disney confirms several reported castings, including a FIREFLY alum.
At D23 Expo 2015, Disney announced the director of the 9th episode of STAR WARS.
Newsarama is covering the D23 EXPO 2015 panel "Worlds, Galaxies & Universes: Live Action at Walt Disney Studios."
The only thing they have is what they were born with.
The comics-turned-film franchise RED by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner has reportedly set it's sights on TV.