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Dragon Age Inquisition is an excellent exploration of relationships and consequence - with some dragon-fighting on the side.
Mark Hamill is all about role reprisal in 2015, returning as the original Trickster on The CW's hit The Flash.
The Star Wars #1 – Hasbro PREVIEWS Exclusive Variant, Toy Fair Edition will be limited to 10k copies and now CGI was used.
SNL gets in on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer parody game, and Jeremy Irons talks about Alfred's role in the new film.
Series writer Cullen Bunn talks about the even greater sense of ego Sinetro is feeling during the Green Lantern crossover event.
Sony goes directly to the fans for the PlayStation Experience - but what will they reveal?
Justin Jordan announced this exit from the title on Facebook, and explained why he's leaving.
We talk with Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul about creating this week's Detective Comics #37 and bringing Anarky back to Gotham
Check out these exclusive images from next month's HULK #10.
According to Deadline, the former producer who was to make his directorial debut on the third Star Trek has exited the director's chair.
Cullen Bunn talks about his new Vertigo series, Wolf Moon, and what his new take will be for the classic monsters.
Batman is considered to have the best bad guys in comics, but that doesn't mean they're all winners, as this list shows
Star Wars #1 may be selling one million copies in its big "Welcome Home" at Marvel Comics.
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Take an exclusive look at the second issue of George Perez's new creator-owned series at BOOM! Studios.
A three-part series of crossover one-shot specials by a Jimmy Kimmel Live writer will team the Marvel franchises this spring.
The former 'B---- in Apartment 23' joins the MCU has star of Marvel's second DEFENDERS series with Netflix - Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones.
If you ever wanted to see Salvador Larroca drawn a really looong image of Marvel characters waiting on line to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, no...
No, not starring Brigette Nielsen. Over an hour of footage from a proposed SHE-HULK fan film.