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Marvel adds a DOCTOR STRANGE series by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo to "All-New All-Different Marvel" line-up.
Long-time CAPTAIN MARVEL writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has announced she won't be writing the character after SECRET WARS.
Longtime Marvel cover artist Earl Norem has passed away.
Marvel announces a new SPIDER-MAN series starring Miles Morales set in the main Marvel Universe.
Dark Horse, a long hold out in selling comics through Comixology, looks to be changing its stance if a Comixology teaser is to be believed.
Dr. Who actor David Tennant has joined the voice cast of the animated Chew feature.
Marvel has released new images of Ant-Man's supporting cast.
The team behind E IS FOR EXTINCTION speaks out about revisiting Grant Morrison's NEW X-MEN era.
Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch seem to be able to live in both cinematic worlds at 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios. We look at other characters ...
Both artists have been active on social media teasing ties to working on Marvel books focused on Venom and Daredevil.
Details emerge that, if accurate, show the restrictions Marvel has with Sony on who and how to depict Spider-Man in film.
Warner Bros. has arranged a screening of the pilot for CBS's upcoming Supergirl TV series Saturday night of SDCC.
AMC has released a first look at August's FEAR THE WALKING DEAD spinoff series.
Check out an exclusive preview of KaBOOM!'s upcoming Uncle Grandpa: Pizza Steve Special #1
The DC character Livewire makes her first appearance since the "New 52" relaunch next week, and BATGIRL artist Babs Tarr shows off some redesigns.
A new DC era for the Teen Titans kicks off next week. Here's an exclusive preview.
Marvel Studios may be skipping this year's Comic-Con International: San Diego, but Marvel TV will be in attendance.
FX has optioned Jason Aaron and Jason Latour's SOUTHERN BASTARDS for television.
Gene Luen Yang & John Romita Jr. delve into the "Truth" of the changes hitting Clark Kent and Superman as his secret identity is revealed to the wo...
Not everybody can be Captain America, Iron Man or Thor, and here are 10 who weren't quite "Earth's Mightiest Heroes."
If the Justice League teaming up with a guy who welds dogs to people this your thing, DC (again) as the title for you.
Find out which Joe will take up Snake Eyes's mask in this exclusive G.I.Joe: Real American Hero #215 Preview
The BONE Creator & comics journalist Tom Spurgeon work to create a new comics festival called Cartoon Crossroads Columbus.
Jesse Eisenberg confirmed that Lex Luthor would indeed be at SDCC, and had high praise for the script of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE.