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DC is rolling out their January 2015 solicitations, and now here's some NEW 52 solicits, including Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern family.
See what's happening in about a quarter of the New 52 universe at DC Comics in January 2015.
DC is rolling out their January 2015 solicitations, and now here's some NEW 52 solicits, including the JUSTICE LEAGUE.
Writer Peter Tomasi has revealed the cover to the January issue of Batman and Robin, featuring the identity of the boy wonder.
DC is rolling out their January 2015 solicitations, and now here's the DC COMICS - BEYOND THE NEW 52 family.
A new preview for tonight's Gotham teases super powers - well, for a brief moment, anyway...
With a new launch at Marvel Comics, they call on artist Alex Ross to reach into the past for a Star Wars #1 variant cover
The cast of GOTHAM talks to us about what makes their characters tick, and what we might see in the future of the show.
Transform and roll out for these two exclusive previews from IDW!
DC is rolling out their January 2015 solicitations, beginning with their DC Collectibles, DC Collections and Vertigo families.
The latest Marvel Comics Summer 2015 teaser (almost certainly related to SECRET WARS) promises a revisit to the HOUSE OF M.
Sure, we're still waiting to find out exactly what Marvel's new SECRET WARS is, but that doesn't stop of from having an early wishlist.
Variety, btw way of a local Detroit news station is reporting that the DAWN OF JUSTICE script calls for a female ROBIN, and a newly-redheaded Jena ...
Star Wars: Kanan is coming from one of the EPs of Rebels, who tells us more about this mysterious Cowboy Jedi's roots.
Alexis Luthor and Damian Wayne are a couple on Earth-Me, the self/celebrity obsessed Earth from the latest issue of Grant Morrison's magnum opus.
Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen, does whatever a Spider-Gwen does. Artist Robbi Rodriguez talks about her meteoric rise and his plans for the new ongoing ...
The character fans are hoping will be good gal Mockingbird makes her debut in next week's new episode.
Mortal Kombat X is coming to comics, and we have details from the new writer.
The new lineup, and new relaunch, for Uncanny Avengers has been revealed ahead of the January 2015 solicitations from Marvel Comics.
The fastest man alive is the newest variant cover star. Check four exclusive reveals out here.
We checked out the new version of Sleeping Dogs, and found it well worth the revisit.
Black Adam, the Atom, Hawkman, Frankenstein, Amethyst, and the Engineer take a jump into the unknown Multiverse in this exclusive preview of FUTURE...
Yup, Marvel is at it again, promising a revisit to a classic storyline that is almost certainly related to 2015's SECRET WARS.
X-23 deals with the fallout of Wolverine's death in part 2 of this limited series. Here's an exclusive preview.