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Trade reports indicate that Sony and Marvel have agreed on one-time director contenders to write the new Spider-Man movie franchise reboot.
David F. Walker talks about reinventing Cyborg for a new age and his first solo series.
Entertainment Weekly has released the first images of the new actors in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.
Feiffer talks about his upcpoming projects, the rise of literary comic books, and how he showed up on an Emmy-winning TV series.
With two four X-MEN movies in the works and more in development, it's time 20th Century Fox came up with a big plan.
As well as Hawkeye #22, Hail Hydra #1, Ant-Man Annual #1, Robin: Son of Batman #2, Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1, and Big Trouble in ...
Elsa Bloodstone, with a kid in tow, is stranded in SECRET WARS' Deadlands in MARVEL ZOMBIES #2.
The housewife/hitwoman Josie Schuller returns in a new LADY KILLER series from Joëlle Jones.
Michael Cera has been cast as Robin in an upcoming Batman film.
A team of Bendis-created X-Men goes up against their first big threat on their own in UNCANNY X-MEN #35.
This week's EW cover story features an in depth look at the cast and story of X-Men: Apocalypse.
Also a fake newscast sets the stage for Scott Lang's criminal record.
After appearing on the same stage at Saturday's SDCC panel, 20th Century Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR and X-MEN movie franchises move closer to becoming on...
Ezra Miller spoke to MTV about his upcoming Flash film, including revealing which Flash he'll play, and what he thinks of the Flash TV show.
Despite NBC's cancellation of his show, Matt Ryan's Constantine is a wanted man over at the CW's ARROW.
DC's 2016 films have a lot to talk about -- and a lot of Batman between them.
Warner Bros. adds MAN OF STEEL items and more to it's studio tour at its Hollywood lot with "Stage 48."
Morrison returns to two of his most popular DC properties for new series in 2016.
The PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH looks back on his life and his work.
Saturday's BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE trailer revealed Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis during the Zod/Superman fight, and now we see just how...
Marvel editor Nick Lowe has revealed a new ongoing series coming as part of "Al-New All-Different Marvel."
Dark Horse has revealed its list of titles shipping in October and beyond.
Michael Ironside has been cast to play Captain Cold's father in THE FLASH.