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Mark Ruffalo posted two items on social media that suggest he might be appearing in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.
With new versions of several popular characters on the way, we thought we'd look at the best spin-off characters in comics.
But you wouldn't be fooled by something like this again, would you??
Mike Allred's original cover to SILVER SURFER #13 featured the cosmic entity Eternity, but now that SECRET WARS #2 is out the real cover is revealed.
Plus Rick and Morty crossover with The Simpsons, no Telltale WALKING DEAD Season 3 in '15, and more.
DC has unveiled 16 unique items available at comic shops in June coinciding with its new and returning titles.
Think you caught everything in CW's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW trailer? Think again.
A second Supergirl promo is less 'The Hero Wear Prada" and more superhero action, but calls into question whether it co-exists with The Flash and A...
First it was CBS's SUPERGIRL, now the CW's new DC superteam LEGENDS OF TOMORROW gets its first trailer.
The long-time DC immortal supervillain will presumably be the "unstoppable immortal threat" that brings The CW's new superteam together.
BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and STEVE SKROCE team-up for a Canadian mech rebellion against U.S. aggressors in WE STAND ON GUARD.
You may have noticed the conspicuous absence of a proper noun in CBS's SUPERGIRL trailer. We count how many times they didn't say "Superman" but wa...
Dark Horse Editor-In-Chief Scott Allie talks about bringing FIGHT CLUB 2 to comics and working with Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart to make it ...
A third artist will join the originally solicited team for the new series WE ARE ... ROBIN debuting June 24.
Just hours after the season finale of ARROW, the CW has revealed the first promo photo and synopsis for the upcoming DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.
The first photo of Sons of Anarchy's Kim Coates as Officer Downe hits the web.
BATMAN & ROBIN artist Patrick Gleason takes on writing and drawing in new ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN series launching in June.
Saving the world's not just for adults! Here's ten teenage superhero teams from across comics.
Shiklah gathers a EXPENDABLES-esque team of horror icons for SECRET WARS in MRS. DEADPOOL & THE HOWLING COMMANDOS #1.
CBS has dropped the first trailer for this fall's SUPERGIRL series, which reportedly exists in the same Universe at the CW's DC shows.
An assortment of three titles from Marvel and DC released this week.
Elsa Bloodstone goes head-long into zombie hordes in MARVEL ZOMBIES #1 first look.